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Okay i own a Mitsu lancer GS4, FWD.

Current tyre's on there are Bridgestone Potenza RE050A XL TZ (215/45 R18 93Y)

however these tyre's ive had since i got the car at 14k miles it has now peaked 21 k miles and i need a new front set, i found these tyre's to be poor in the wet and skid on the start lines.

But I am happy to buy bridgestone again, however i've come to a dilema...
I have found a slighty cheaper tyre the Toyo Proxes T1 Sport XL (215/45 R18 93Y) my question, is which one should i go for ? i like the toyo tyre's for their grip never had a pair really, i'm looking for somthing that rides great, in dry n wet and can handle cornering stress.


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I found uniroyal rain sports good in the dry and wet and ok on an evo, but have changed to nankang ns2r as they fit Mt needs better.
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