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ooops i have just spun the car :( nothing happened ie no damage but that was very close :eek:

this morning i checked the tyre pressure and it was all over the place, looked at the manual and it said 2.2kg/cm2 front and 1.9kg/cm2 rear i think that equates to 28 rear and 32 front. went out on my favorite roads again and this time there was a lot less sliding, the car seem to do every thing it was asked to do effortlessy. these are some of the twistist wet country roads you will find by the way :D.

until a right hander which i thought i will try to get the back end out a little bit and the back end just snaped on me so quick !! i ended up doing 180 degrees. the way the grip gave was not progressive in the slightest, every thing happened so bloody quick. usually if the back end starts sliding i apply the throttle a little bit with an opposite lock and that usually does the trick, but not this time.

so what do you guys think ? is tyre pressure that needing adjusting or is just the standard tyres that are crap as has been mentioned before by a lot of people? or do i just need to change my driving style? or is this the dreaded AYC that over cooked things.

it is just the car seem to be playing Jackel and Hide on me :(

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I have noticed the roads are extremely slippery at the moment, I have been breaking traction at 3500rpm in 2nd. There are limits to the grip of an Evo you know, and you exceeded them!

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Yes, I have noticed that the roads are very slippery at the moment as well.


What setting were you on with the ACD? If the roads are at all slippery, I go straight for the gravel settings to get more drive to the front wheels. This really seems to make a big difference. I have found that when slippery, tarmac is tail happy, gravel neutral and snow is like FWD! Only today I was finding the back end very twitchy until I realised I was still in tarmac mode. After the change to gravel, no problems. I also suspect that you are getting more drive to the rear wheels than your Scooby, so it might take a bit of getting used to.

There is no doubt that the Yoko's are more of a handfull in the wet than, say, the S02's. Problem is you cannot get them any more or at least it is very difficult.

Hope this is of some use.

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I dunno about the 7 but I've just had Toyo Proxes T1-S fitted all round on my 6. Ok, admitadly I was using SO-1's before but it's like having a different car now. There is masses more feedback through the steering (I now realise that the car actually felt dead on the old tyres) and the whole thing seems so much more alive. My main reason for changing them so early (after just 3000 miles) was the total lack of feel in the wet. Well thats all changed, the Toyo's are so much more progressive and confidence inspiring.

In the dry the car doesn't feel quite so well planted but it DOES feel a lot more fun.

One thing I have adjusted slightly is the tyre pressures as I found the front just a little bit too light on the standard 32psi so I've reduced this to 30psi which feels nice and meaty but still precise and eager. I did also try 29psi but it started to feel a little bogged down. (People say that it's not possible to detect such small changes but I'm VERY sensitive to tyre pressure changes / tyre types and I can tell you right now I really can feel the difference)

The rears I have dropped from the standard 28psi to 26psi as the car did snap out at the back unexpectedly a few nights ago. In actual fact I was out earlier tonight and had the chace to push the car as much as I dare around a couple of wet roundabouts and I really felt, for the first time ever with this car, that I could tell right where that breakaway point was. I'm very pleased indeed. In actual fact on the way I was considering ordering another couple of sets of these tyres to put in storage in case they are not available in the future for any reason. I've found a good thing and don't want to lose it.

The only thing I'm not quite so pleased about is that the fitted messed up finish on my rims a bit when fitting these tyres but I'll post about that later.

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Quote (Sam Elassar): usually if the back end starts sliding i apply the throttle a little bit with an opposite lock .

! With AYC the car will slide extremely progressively from the back. Under acceleration that is. Telling from your post, you lifted off to make the back go away, like you do on FWD. That is indeed much harder to control. Watch it!! :D

Did the Evo 7 you have come with S01s?? The one I tried came with Advan A046, much better than S01s.

Lower tire pressure is much better, especially in winter road conditions. DONT go over the manufacturer recommended 2,2 bar front and 1,9 rear!! If you want to play around, wait for the spring. Please. :)

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Sam , i`ve also come from an Impreza, though to an Evo6, not the 7 like you.

The thing i`ve noticed is that unlike the impreza, which is very easy to predict and correct in the event of a slide, the Evo tends to have huuuuge amounts of grip, but once you reach the limits it will break away very fast, very umpredictable, and in the two slides i`ve had the car has caught the slide its self by the time i realised what was happening!!! ...... gonna check tire pressures myself this aft, could be the same problem you had. Running Yoko AVS tires.


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cheers guys for your advise.

the ACD was set for gravel. and i did not lift off, if i did i would have caused a lot of damage !!!!!!
i think it is like what richw has said because the limit is so much higher than a subaru when you loose it, it is usually a lot less forgiving. it will interesting to see how it goes on track with slicks :D

the car is still relatively new so i shall try some different tyres in the future and see if it get any better, however you just can't defeat the laws of physics :D

i have tried the toyo proxes before and i found them great, i will definitely try them again, the only problem i had with them is that i went through them in 5000miles :) ;)
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