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Well got it yesterday and all seems fine except the steering.

The car seems to be pulling to the right and the steering wheel is slightly off centre.
The car also seems to pull to one side or the other depending on road surface
(tramlining) I suppose ?

Can somone tell me the correct tyre pressures for the Evo. Would getting the car set up with a laser tracking device correct the problem.

Apart from that grinning - all the way to the petrol station !!

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May be worth getting the wheel alignment checked as I have seen reports of new cars with incorrect set ups. I know a place in Essex that does a good job on this sort of thing but nowhere up your end of the world. Re tyre pressures, there are some threads on LTR and E groups from memory.


Steve. (Solo Grimsby trip not yet sorted!)

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Have you managed to get any sense out of the boys at Grimsby yet ?

I'm just waiting for the phone call Hello sir you rang about the Evo's we have coming in ! YES over a fortnight ago and no f**cker rang me back after 12 phone calls, and trying to spend £24k with you !
Best of luck !!


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Check inside driver door frame for tyre pressures. If you haven't got them, let me know and I'll do it!

My car had exact same problem. Mitsi tried to re-align steering wheel which was not specific enough because of the spline locations. Sorted with laser tracking ( and amp; pressures).

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Thanks for your reply. The pressures written inside the door are not in lbs/sq.inch, but in some other dimension !! Have'nt got the car here so can't say.
I have heard they should be 32 front and 28-30 rear.
The car will be going in next week for first service, should I tell the Mitsubishi garage to sort it, or get it laser tracked at a proper place ?

Cheers, Ian. [email protected]

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On the door of my VI, it is written :

front 2.2 kg/cm2
rear 1.9

are you sure about your figures ? Do you have the standard wheels?
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