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Boys and girls,

I had my nearside front tyre howl like a banshee yesterday when going round a (fairly tight) right hander. I was being pursued by someone I know in a Vectra estate (i know!), he was keeping up through he bend, so I wasn't going silly!

Is this a symptom of worn sussie, or just my crap Falkens? I've never had his happen b4!

TP's are 32 front, 31 rear!

The car does tend to understeer with these tyres and roll on the outside edges!

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Pondy ,

You Vectra :D:D:D laughed my bollx off ,No way could a vectra keep up not even with a decent driver.
I reckon the lovely Heather was driving and its just an Excuse..
You've got to much wear from those Falcons swop to bridges.Cost is more but never let a vectra tail you.NO way .
Gave a fantastic crack at am AMG big merc today:D .Love it.He did well to shove the foot to the floor but frightened the fker when tail gating:D.
Brake pads fitted and discs skimed due to scoring ,nice way to try them out.

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I've found the problem! Firkin' great nail in the nearside front, causing it to run at about 20psi!

The Falkens were on the car when I bought it and they won't wear out! 4000 miles still got about 7mm. I am not changing them until they're knacked!

Paul, the Vectra bit was just to prove that I wasn't going very quick!:D

Rob, grass don't grow on a busy street! ;)
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