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Ok here’s scenario, pulled up at local garage to fill up and give shell some more profit (I seem to live there LOL) and a mint Scooby s reg type r pulls up beside me.

After a bit of banter this car was a type R with lots of mods (engine, front mounted intercooler ect and running around 330 to 350 bhp, he commented on my car and how he had always wanted a six and ask what I had done to it, other than mods you can see for yourself the car is standard.

After chatting we both pulled out me in front and off I doodled to the slip road onto the 303(yes you guessed it we had a little play) I was gob smacked that after the 2 mile run to my exit at suitably high speed I had pulled probably 6 to 8 car lengths ahead. He followed me of the 303 and we stopped for a chat (well his comment was F-ck me that not standard)

Now my question, how did I beat him so easily if my car is standard, I had expected to be mulered?
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