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Guys, I am assuming a dump pipe is the same as a down pipe. If not, well, I am talking about the right angled pipe that goes from the turbo to the flexi pipe then to the cat and to the exhaust tip.

I have just discovered that I have a massive dent in my 3 dump pipe.... I think the previous owner must have crashed or hit something badly. Anyway, I am going to get it fixed. But I am told that I should get a twin dump pipe to improve performance. Is it really better???

What is there to look out for when getting a twin dump pipe??? I was told to make sure the split is chunky enough to prevent any cracking or failure.

The price I am getting quoted seems very steep for a piece of bent tube (AUS$500). I am thinking I might just go and get it made at the tube makers. But what sort of material should I use??? Any special grade of steel??? Thickness???

Please help urgently!!!


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Basically a twin dump pipe is the down pipe but it has separate pipes 4 the turbo outlet and wastegate outlet. The wastegate outlet merges in2 the turbo outlet further down , compared 2 the factory pipe which merges in the cast turbo elbow. Twin dump pipes r defin8ly better because they improve the gas flow by virtue of seperating the wastegate gas. Check on power enginnerings website 2 c theirs.

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here's a photo of the stock turbo elbow (that connects to the stock downpipe) and a PE downpipe which includes the turbo elbow

You can see how the angle is much better.

The only problem is the cost, the downpipe costs about £500 but the build quality is fantastic and the pipe is 3 instead of the stock system which is 2.5 (I think?)

This makes a real difference btw, I love mine :D

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