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Ok I'm about to begin moding my Stock E6 GSR.

The first stage plan is to end up with induction, exhaust and ECU giving me optional ALS.

On the exhaust side I'm considering either the Blitz Nur Spec R with De-cat, front pipe and turbo elbow from, erm hmm HKS? or a custom build, this is because I'd prefer a straighter route.

I've talked to Ian of who was a very friendly guy to talk to and gave me a call shortly after dropping them an email (nice to know some companies can get the basics right), here's what he suggested

3 off the turbo Elbow
2.5 around where the cat was (tapers down to 2.5)
4.5 Tail pipe (my suggestion :D)
All done with Mandral (is that how its spelt?) bends as you'd expect

Here's a breakdown of the cost from

Front pipe £175
de-Cat pipe £75
Centre £225
Backbox £250
Fitting £0 :)
Total ex VAT £725
TOTAL inc. VAT £852

Ian told me as a rule they don't do the turbo elbow, but I guess we could do it in Stainless Steel but it will be glowing red if you do , I thought the HKS turbo elbow was Stainless? Any comments bearing in mind the ALS factor?

I was also told that this was the same setup used by Ralliart on the 450 extreme (not sure about the tailpipe diameter on the extreme) and that ralliart don't change the turbo elbow. Ralliart also don't feel the need to go above 2.5 as this retains low end power whilst also giving more top end, sounds like a good balance too me, comments? I think Ian said it was supplied by them but I may have misheard, can anyone confirm?

So what I'd like to know is what diameter should I be aiming for if I'm after a decent balance, I really don't want to loose too much (if any) low end.

I had initially thought 3 all the way, including turbo elbow, to the muffler and then 4.5 or 5 tail pipe

Advice would be greatly appreciated


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This is the exhaust installation on my VI GSR,

PE turbo-outlet / downpipe in 1 piece , self made adaptor pipe from this 2 a Blitz Nur-Spec R sytem , this system ROCKS , sounds ballistic and has almost no restriction , looks top and belches good flames :)

The PE front pipe is good because has better gas flow and is in 1 piece , whereas the HKS pipe is two pieces costing much more and is NOT stainless steel !

PE now produce their own adaptor pipe so that it can b used with any make of system , BUT , it still has the 2.5 restriction where it wud connect 2 the chosen system , my adaptor pipe was welded directly 2 the Blitz system after I cut off the cat-compatible flange , therefore it is now straight thru :)

This sounds like much work but it isn't really , I cud make and install on yr car no prob.
check out PE's website 4 info on their downpipe.

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PE also do a 3 cat bypass (as I have it on my car) and a turbo elbow (ditto).


I used to have the PE downpipe, to Ralliart de-cat to HKS super drager. The de-cat was 2.5 , whilst everything else was 3 inch. The de-cat pipe was indeed restrictive with higher power outputs, and I now have the marvellous 3 all the way, no boxes until the rear box with a 6 exit and a bolt in restrictor for quiet days.

Big flames, big noise. Ask PE. If you want to hear/see it - Donnington 31/10, 26/10 or Oulton Park 19/12.

Back pressure does indeed help with low-down torque, but as you raise the boost, the back pressure increases. Anything that can be done to help the turbo expel gas (hence the downpipe etc.) will help power. So as you go above 350bhp, I recommend 3 throughout. I still have 350lb/ft of torque at nearly 1.8 bar despite this exhaust AND aggressive cams!

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dedeffa - oh, forgot, the first exhaust was done by Ralliart.

The PE will cost abit more, but only because it would include the down pipe. There isn't any info on the web site on it, you will need to talk to David Power or Steve in the workshop about any parts on my car until they become generally available.

6 exit is mad! I need to keep checking that no animals are sleeping in there before driving off!

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I have the Hayward and Scott exhaust on mine

(the pictures on their web site of my blue TME)

very high quality

VERY loud when foot is the carpet as Simonextreme can verify

Nice sound when cruiseing not too loud

More than happy to let someone see it or listen to it if they in my area.

Sw London, M25/M3/M4 junctions area.

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Yeah I remember talking to you briefly about it at Trax while we were waiting for the 1/4 mile. I agree on having the turbo/down pipe in one piece, sounds like a good plan. Thanks for the offer on the adapter :)

I think I'm tending towards 3 all the way myself and I think you've just made my mind up given what else I plan to do to the car in the near future. 6 exit is mad, I guess you have to check for camels sleeping in the tailpipe :D

Thanks for the offer and tips I had a good chat with Ian from H and amp;S, but I think I'll go with PE as he seemed reluctant to go 3 all the way and do anything with the turbo elbow

Just had a look at the EV75 from PE which is 3 all the way :) and I must say it looks impressive, I don't however like the cat or tailpipe, I'd much rather have a single 4.5 or 5, I'll enquire if its possible along with decat.

The other option would be to go for the EV75 downpipe to Blitz Nur-Spec R which I must say is very very tempting, the only thing I'd loose over the EV75 would be the very special design of sliding joint which I think I can live with.

looks like we have a winner :D

Thanks for you help


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What do you guys reckon

I still have my standard downpipe but a Hyper Muffler. Will the PE downpipe also improve midrange because topend is already satisfying (Sports ECU, RA relocation kit, RA panel filter, conrod bolts, boost held 1.25-1.35, peak 1.45bar). Would the downpipe give me more poke out of corners?



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Original Post:
the only thing I'd loose over the EV75 would be the very special design of sliding joint which I think I can live with.


Actually m8 u wudn't loose the sliding joint with the PE/Blitz hybrid , the sliding joint is b4 the connection 2 the Blitz.
Also I didn't mention that the Blitz is infact 76 mm INSIDE diamtre pipe unlike the UK made systems which r 76mm OUTSIDE diametre , so u have a genuine 3 thru system using the Blitz system with the PE front pipe.

The PE front pipe makes a noticable difference 2 response thruout the revrange as the Turbo outlet is critical 2 performance , the better gas flow also reduces thermal stress on the exhaust impeller of the turbo.

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Well that settles it then, I'm buying the PE front pipe and Blitz, now where’s my credit card :D

Happy Ryan

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Scoobymike - with my first exhaust system (HKS superdrager, decat etc.) changing for the PE downpipe made a MASSIVE difference. So much back pressure was released that the turbo response just exploded. We had to back off the boost controller as it started to peak nearly 0.2 bar higher! Huge difference in response and driveability.

Only reason I am replacing it is because I have to - the new turbo comes with a custom down pipe.

Still, putting up with the extra 50/60 horses is worth it :D :D

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thanks for the positive replies! Also the fact that the turbo impeller gets less stressed due to the less restriction and faster flow is very welcome, will surely prolong the lifetime of it.


I could also stand those extra horses with ease! Let me know when you replace your stuff so we can then negotiate a bit about your current pipe.


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