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I would like to go either for a blitz dual turbo timer or the nex hks tipe 1 turbo timer.

The blitz one is including the boost instant and peak levels and I would like any comments about quality and fitting.

Any problems with the alarm?

Thank you for your help!!!

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I have a tt fitted and it took 3 attempts to get it working with the alarm without either of them falling out.

But I have stopped using the tt, preferring to do it the ole' fashioned way. Also it is illegal to leave the car running with no-one in it, doors locked or not and I'd bet if your insurance company could prove that your tt might have been running when your car was nicked they wouldn't pay out.

This is a 'thin ice' kinda thing I reckon.

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I have a Blitz Dual Turbo Timer and its working great. I once saw a magazine (australian) doing test on several boost guage and as Blitz Dual TT was a digital boost guage, they tested it as well. The result was that it's very accurate. It also show the peak boost as you said. I have been using it for about a year and it has given me no problem. I think if your alarm is fitted by a alarm professional, they wouldn't be any problem. Mine's working fine with my alarm.

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I have a BLITZ turbo timer fitted , its great , no problems , I have it set on minimum
set of 20 seconds , it seems to be very accurate . Also the other toys are good fun ;
O to 60 mph time
speed alarm ( set alarm off if you go above certain speed )
It was no problem to fit , and the alarm is fine , you just can t set it till the
engine has stopped running once you ve got out of the car.
It s surprising how long the engine needs to run for if you ve driven the car hard.
regards Richard..

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It's precisely this 'long time' that caused me to stop using my tt. Every 'knowledgeable' type that I've spoken to on the subject of turbo cool down reckons that even after a severe thrashing, a mile or so of sedate driving and 1 minute max. would be all that is required to allow excess heat to soak from the turbo bearings and bring them down to normal temp.

My tt would routinely give 20-40 secs after normal driving (fine), but would estimate that 3-7 minutes (!) would be needed if I was say, late for work border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle >

It may be that ny timer is crap, but I don't think that that amount of time is necessary. When you figure in the fact idle time is directly related to tappet oil starvation (see HH6's excellent post in the 'ticking noise' thread) and you have the reasons I stopped using my tt. Not to mention the security aspect of leaving my car running (locked or otherwise) without it's best theft deterrant i.e. me and my lightning fists [img] border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle >

I now use the clock and do it the old-fashioned way, but really prefer just to take it easy on the last 2-3 miles and give it 20 seconds before switch off.

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Ditto to Chunky.
Drive sedately for the last few miles without the turbo on boost and then give it 30 secs to 1 min before switch off to make sure. Saves money on a Turbo Timer and is also legal!

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That must have been some driving to have your engine run for seven minutes.
The most mine has run for is about one minute , the turbo timer certainly
stops that that ll do aproach and if Nova lad is trying to race you as
you turn into your road , your safe in the knowledge that its cooled down
before you switch it off.
I never leave the car untill the timer has done it s thing ,the reason I bought
one was so I could sleep sound knowing that I had done what I can to make the
turbo at least last till the cars payed for !!!. I would have been gutted if
it had gone bang and someone said you should have fitted a turbo timer .
regards Richard...
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