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Need help with turbo selection. heard so many things but still miss the basics. In the next modification, I will run with Jun 2.2 stoker kit, and 264 cams. Thinking about two turbo options:
HKS GT 30/40
Garret TS04 BB
Any body knows what shall i expect with these units? what is the difference? What do i need to know before chossing the A.R? what is A.R anyway? how does the trim influence?
Your help is really appriciated.

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Slow down there! A TS04BB is a monster turbo!! With 264 cams you should be using a HKS2835 or HKS3037 at the most! I am not sure of the exact facts but I do know that the TS04BB is capable of way over 500bhp.

Hope my info is correct. I am sure I will be corrected if I am wrong :)

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You really need to decide on what boost levels you will run and maximum intended rpm.
Then you can size the turbo based on maximum air mass flow and boost pressure.

HKS GT3037, 3037R and 3040 all (I believe) use Garrett T04S compressor wheels of different trim values.

HKS GT3037R 450hp rated Compressor 52 trim, turbine housing 1.01 (14cm^2) A/R
HKS GT3037R 480hp rated Compressor 56 trim, turbine housing 1.12 (16cm^2) A/R
HKS GT3040 500hp rated Compressor 50 trim, turbine housing 1.12 (16cm^2) A/R (not T04S???)
All have exhaust wheel diameter of inducer/exducer - 60mm/55mm
Also non ball bearing

HKS T04S 550hp rated Compressor 60 trim, turbine housing 0.84 or 1.0 A/R
(Has bigger dia turbine wheel and no BB so more lag - 74.2mm/64.7mm)

Garrett also do ballistic GT series

PART NO Compressor trim Wheel diameter Turbine A/R trim Wheel dia.
705867-0001 56 T04S 2.25 /3.00 500hp 0.63 84 2.16 /2.36
705867-0002 56 T04S 2.25 /3.00 500hp 0.82 84 2.16 /2.36
705867-0003 56 T04S 2.25 /3.00 500hp 1.06 84 2.16 /2.36

When choosing turbine housing A/R it's all about trade off between spool up (lag) and flow (top end power).

For least lag - small A/R. (Also small dia. turbine wheel)
For best flow and power at max. rpm - big A/R

If A/R is too small then turbine temperatures can also be too high as flow is restricted of hot exhaust gas.

Also consider the Trust/Greddy turbine kits as used by Jun themselves - td06-25g. (A Mitsubishi turbo)

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Many thanks for the explanations. About the HKS GT turbos (3037, 3040), HKS say that these all are BB turbines. Is this wrong?

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Light speed,
what will you choose for an engine that will go up to 9300 rpm, 500 hp, maximum torque as possible, max boost with race fuel 2.2 bar?

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9300rpm??? 2.2 litres, 2.2bar boost and only 500hp? more like 700hp.

7300rpm would be around 550hp with 2.2l,2.2bar.

The HKS GT turbos are all ball bearing.
The HKS T04S is not.

For 500hp air flow - either HKS GT3040 or Garrett GT30 with at least 0.82 turbine housing.
Possibly HKS GT3037R with 1.12 turbine housing.

For 550hp its time for an HKS T04S.
750hp HKS T51 KAI - saw an evo 3 on the web with one of these - drag race only!

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Lightspeed, thanks again.
There will be no stoker kit, i.e. same volume as standard.
the 9300 is estimated as we will use a steel cranck shaft.
I think the gt30/40 will be the right option, i want to use the car on the road/track, that is why i want to have a mid turbo, like the gt3040.

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Maybe this info will help out a bit with the turbo sizings.

It was taken from a Celica AllTrac tuning website in America. Good info though !


Here are some comparison measurements.  


Compressor Inducer - The inside part of the compressor, the part you see

Compressor Exducer - The total diameter of the compressor wheel, hidden behind the housing

Turbine Minor - The inside part of the exhaust wheel, the part you see

Turbine Major - The overall diameter of the turbine exhaust wheel, hidden inside the housing



Turbo Comp. Inducer Comp. Exducer Turbine Minor Turbine Major
3SGTE CT26 1.574 2.559 1.97 2.36
Supra CT26 1.75 2.559 ?? 1.97 2.36
3SGTE CT20B 1.88 ??? 2.05  
T3 - 45Trim 1.595 2.367    
T3 - Super 60 1.90 2.367    
Mitsubishi 16g 1.83 2.37    
Mitsubishi 20g 2.07 2.68    
TO4B V Trim 2.18 2.75    
TO4E 46Trim 2.00 2.95    
TO4E 50Trim 2.12 3.00    
TO4E 54Trim 2.17 2.95    
TO4E 57Trim 2.23 2.95    
Greddy TD06SH-20G 2.071 2.677 2.177 2.559
Greddy TD06L2-20G 2.071 2.677 2.126 2.401
Greddy T67-25G 2.381 3.07 2.130 2.402
KKK K26        
T3 Turbine - - 1.898 2.319
T3 Stage 2 Turbine- - 2.122 2.559
T3 Stage 3 Turbine- - 2.229 2.559
T4 N Trim - - 2.071 2.922
T4 O Trim - - 2.296 2.922
T4 P Trim - - 2.544 2.922
T4 Q Trim - - 2.693 3.111



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sorry, I tried to manipulate it so it readable but when posting the message it got squashed up. Hopefully you can work it out.

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