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hi,my 5 has super dragger rear pipe and hks element
is my next move,
large dia front pipe
bigger or group n intercooler
air box kit
boost/solonoid job......still dont get this
any info appd
also,where do i get it set up when ive got chosen trick parts ????

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My car was in a similar spec when I got it (Evo 1 though). The first hting I did was repalce the downpipe for a larger one. This made a noticeable difference. I would do the solenoid mod next. I didn't do the boost solenoid mod though, I got a Greddy boost controller instead, but the solenoid mod is free while the controller is $$$$. I am very pleased with the results though.
Afterwards you can try larger intercooler piping etc., but I suspect the benefits will not be as obvious.

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thanks for reply
are there 2 solonoids were talking about here
can u explain wot to do
or fax me details (01522 704841 fax)
its a shitty day and id rather get more power from my car than cut the grass !!

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It would cost me too much to fax info. to you. I live in Jamaica. Anyway, the details of it are explained in the boost solenoid thread on this list. You can also go to

This page has the information for doing it to a Mitsubishi Eclipse, but it is the same procedure as for an Evo.

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Have done solonoid mod........
has transformed my car !!!
Is there any way the boost can do damage or does the ecu DEFINATELY restrict it within safe levels
Whats next without major changes
HKS filter make much difference ????
Keep reading about dump tube sticking into inlet pipe but cant find it..any ideas
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