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Hello people!

I'm planning on spending a couple of days in London this May, and was thinking of getting some parts for my car that are just too expensive here in the Philippines. Anyone know where the best shops are near London? Understand that it is my first time there in your place, and would greatly value ease of accesibility, as I will be travelling on my own, unless someone would be willing to take me around notjust London but the best places to eat, drink and shop for car stuff! Idealy, I'd like the shops nearest to London, or within it. Nearby would be perhaps an hour at most of travel time getting there.


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Looking through my site i found these

Croydon Race and amp; Rally
279,283 Portland Rd. South Norwood,
London SE25 4QQ
Tel. 0208 656 7031

Hi Tech Motorsport
Waring House, Waring St. West
Norwood, London SE27 9LH
tel. 0181 766 6987

Turbo Touch Motorsport
178 Brownhill Rd, Catford, London
tel. 020 8695 5047

Iam afraid i don't know if they now anything about mitsubishi or not but you could always try ringing them when you get over here.

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I am residing in Malaysia which is not too far from your place. You should try sourcing Japanese tuning parts from HongKong or Singapore. I think is cheaper than UK, just imagine the transport cost. Unless there are non-Japanese tuning parts and probably you can't even get it in our region. For instance, Spec-R and Forge's stuff.

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hey botchi! how's it goin? you got plans of leaving for europe without telling us? hehehhe..... anyway, bring a camera along. i'd love to get snapshots of the cars there.
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