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Please help:

E6 Extreme/Zero Fighter - 340bhp and 303lb/ft (official figures)
RS450 - R/R at 346bhp and 369lb/ft
E7 Extreme - 339bhp and 350lb/ft (official figures)
E7 Extreme S - 357bhp and 383lb/ft (official figures)

i have just taken these figures from a post HH6 has place, and have a couple of questions:
i am running 351bph and 303lb/ft of torque, what would be next step to bring my torque figures up, to match the extremes.
my spec: Hiper Muffler, sports ecu, booster controller, de-cat, front pipe, bolts, racing suction kit.


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I am not an expert on this, but I beleive that the torque comes from some internal mods. You will note that the E6 Extreme has the lower torque figures while the E7 extreme, Extreme S and rs450 have high torque. The high torque cars have different pistons and run different compression ratios. There are also other internal changes which I am not privy to. Ralliart keep their cards close to their chest and I have never been told all the details of how they achieve it. I would dearly love to know more!

The person who does the development work for Ralliart comes from a rallying background. I suspect that the best place to start would be a reputable rally prep companyand see what they come up with. It is worth doing because I believe that torque makes a great difference to the veryday drivability of the cars.

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Speak to Mike at Steve Hill Motorsport (01844)201025. They prep evo rally cars and I know they all run over 400lbft. They are v helpful and happy to talk to anyone (even me!:)). They're not the usual bring it in with a signed cheque, sir brigade.


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Lee - to get torque, you have to run high boost. The only way to get very high torque figures is RPM mapped boost, so that you can run up to 2.2 bar in the midrange (like Ralliart does with the Extreme S and RS450).

You need a programmable ECU to get the fuelling right and rpm mapped boost (via a boost controller or aftermarket ECU) to get the boost high in the midrange without ovespeeding the turbo at peak power.

Engine wise, head modifications are quite different for power and torque. Smaller valves, different cam lift and durations etc. for torque vs power. My personal opinion is that you can have a bit of both.

My car with standard turbo produced 385bhp and 355lb/ft of torque, but wasn't running mapped boost. With 2 bar in the mid range you could have seen 375lb/ft in my opinion or maybe more (and a better power spread).

This level of torque demands upgraded internals for sure - and you will reduce your turbo life as you will be running it at the limit. Group N cars don't upgrade, but they regularly change pistons etc anyway! You don't want that on a road car.

You can get new internals for about £2.5k. A gems mapped for about £1.5k. That gives you all you really need. Some money back on your existing bits (boost controller, ECU and even the pistons)

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hi lee
have totally agree with blade, if you want more torque you will need to run more boost in the mid range. if you raise your boost in the mid range by a couple of psi for example you torque will probably jump to 320-330lb/ft.
rally cars run round 1.9 bar of boost in the mid range on standard internals but the car only does 1k miles a season and the couple of guys that i have spoken to change the interenals every 500-1000miles.

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