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Just thinking of adding the following HKS kit if I dont chage the beast:

New manifold (thanks Justin)
Intercooer pipiing kit
SSQ Blow Off
Racing Suction Kit
Extension/Front pipe

Any opinions on this lot before I burn my credit card??


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Hi, my opinion for what its worth,

One.Manifold looks good you wont notice any performance improvement,you could spend your £1000 on tuning aids that will.

Two. Intercooler piping kit,will improve boost response Good Buy

Three.Blow off Valve looks good ,great sound but cosmetic only

Four. Racing Suction Kit.Good Value for money will improve performance .

Five. Extension front pipe,will improve top end performance in conjunction with HKS Exhaust say Hyper Muffler and de-cat.

If these mods are carried out and you have the standard ecu you may experience fuel cuts as your car will achieve higher boost.Some people may suggest that you should also have your bolts replaced with the ARP items.

Regards Barry:)

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Thanks for the advice! BUT what d'ya reckon instead of the manifold.

So you know this is (hopefully) the first stage and will soon get the internals done with GEMS/MOTEC, unless I go bankrupt at the thought of it. If so, I will blame Blade!!

Thanks all

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Silver,I only have the knowledge to advise you on the more basic tuning there are other members like Blade that through their personal experience can advise you on more complex modifications.

To answer your question on what to replace the manifold with it all depends how long you intend to keep your car in the more basic state of tune.If you intend to go down a similar route to Blade soon then you could purchase the manifold now as it would have a performance benefit in conjunction with a 400bhp |PLS| conversion.If you intend to stay within stage 1 or 2 for say for a few months but dont want to purchase kit that becomes redundant ,i could suggest the following,

One. Electronic Boost controller Apexi or Blitz.(you can then increase boost to say 1.4

Two. The gems Ecu which can then be re-programmed when you introduce the more advanced mods.

Hope this helps Regards Barry:)

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Once again thanks for your input, all help and advice is most welcome. I hope to tune things further over the next few months, however, don't think I have the cash that Blade does from his satanic activities!!! Although there does appear to be a shortage of pim.... no never mind!!!

Anyway, next stage would be pistons, conrods, ECU, gas flowing, etc. So much you can do so little time and MONEY. Fun shouldn't be so expensive (take note HKS et al)!!!!

Anyway, that lot would have to do for now, but dont want to spend valuable hard earned on Apexi or Blitz boost controlers when ECU in the pipeline, unless I am going to knacker my engine! Finally, all evil should bear down on Blade for putting these ideas into my head!! If my other half ever meets you.............................................

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He he !!!

Ok, from my experience then....

Question - do you want more than 380bhp? If so, rebuild the internals. Omega pistons, carillo or arrow conrods. New cams(272 inlet 264 exhaust seems a good power choice without stupid idle). Lighter flywheel/paddle clutch (Cusco or Jun). New turbo (lots of choice, Trust TD06L2-20G or HKS 2835). ECU choice is trickier here. I have stuck with the PE remap and Blitz boost controller, but have yet to see whether the MAF is a problem. I would probably go GEMS or Motec - GEMS on a road car. If you are happy with 380 or less, then go with a remap and boost controller - more road friendly.

Water injections is a good idea, as is cold air induction, larger turbo elbow, downpipe, big bore exhaust, sealed airbox etc.

Would do the brakes/suspension first as otherwise this power won't make it's way to the tarmac! A front LSD is a good idea.

THe bill for all that is alot £20k minimum, £30k more likely. Ouch.

You can get 370bhp relatively easily. For any sane normal person, I would:-

1) Get cold air induction kit/exhaust/downpipe/elbow etc.
2) Remap and boost controller or APexi stuff
3) Water injection
4) Bigger intercooler
5) Uprated conrod bolts

I had this with 1.6 bar, 360bhp and 330lb/ft and VERY reliable. Going above this on the standard turbo is problematic. Power drops off at 6100rpm whether you like it or not, because of the standard turbo, making 380ish the most you can get, but it isn't as nice a power curve as at 1.6 bar. A GEMS or Motec will let you map overboost of 2bar or more in the midrange, but that can make the car hard to drive. Anti-lag is a gimmick on the road, and an expensive one at that as it shortens the life of your turbo dramatically.

You don't need to rebuild internals unless you want and amp;gt;370-380 bhp. The rebuilt engine is not ideal for everyday use.

Hope this helps! May the lord satan be with you!! Nostrus diabolus vita (or somethng like that!)

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Hey, Silver Fox, just sussed who you are! How are you?

I presume you are going to tune your 6. I would have high on my list of priorities the upgrading of the brakes and suspension. For brakes I am now convinced by the AP setup which I will be putting on my car in the new year. Not only will you get rid of warp problems but, more importantly, stopping improves and as is the ability to get on and off the brakes quicker.

Suspension is also important, unless you want to go down the Cossie route of high power, poor handling ;)

A good starting point might be the Eibach springs and I am sure that others will give you advice on shocks. It would seem that the Drummonds are the muts nuts. Before going that far you should put strut braces on. The front should be a 3 point strut - don't go for a straight cross brace which is fine for rally cars with full roll cages, but will not control the front enough without one. A rear strut brace will also help. I could feel the difference on my 7 just putting that on.

I also suggest that you watch the video clips on the RC Development site of the Cusco cars. This will lead to you wanting to spend serious money!!
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