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Been told that due to detonation one of my pistons (evo5) has given up the ghost and gone skywards (hence needing a new head).
I'm currently (or should that be was) running completely standard internals with the following,

HKS Super Dragger, decat and front pipe
ARP bolts
Sports ECU
Boost modified to 1.4 sustained (overboosting to 1.6)
Cams 264i/264e and timing pulleys
Braces all round and eibach springs
Paddle clutch

The following are being done asap,
Pace i/c
HKS manifold
Uprated fuel pump and
AP's 6 pot front and 4 pot rears with stopper kit

Whilst the engine is out what would you guys recommend?
I use the car for a short period each day so I'll probably steer clear of a big turbo, but I'm thinking of going for a Tomei 2158cc stroker kit, been told they are the same quality as JUN and they do great stuff for Nissans - can anyone confirm? - Will it completely change the characteristics of the engine?
The turbos being checked also for damage - so I may convert to ball bearing at the same time.
Aiming to do 1 track day a month, but mainly want something thats reliable on the road.

Planning to add a GEM's ECU after the works done - if the bank job goes to plan :)

Cheers in advance,

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why did it detonate, do you know?, as u have a very similar set up to me....


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Although I am sure you will get replies from people who are far better qualified than I am, here is my 2 pennies worth!

Forget the stroker kit, particularly as you want to steer clear of the bigger turbo. I believe that it will change the characteristics of the engine and that ultimately will mean spending a lot more money - new turbo, fuel rail, injectors etc..........

Uprate your internals with forged rods and pistons, you can see debates on which ones from other threads. Get a new inlet cam, 272, and make sure you get the cams timed in properly. And get the Gems. With this setup you should be able to run 1.7 sustained, 2|PLS| in the midrange revs.

What induction set are you running? I presume that you have done something in this area already but if not, get any of the leading brands, whichever you prefer the look of!! They all seem to perform about the same.

I firmly believe that if you are going to spend all this money on your internals, GET THE GEMS ASAP. I would put it at the top of the list of ASAP jobs. It will protect your investment by running everything right and it will give you the best performance increase of all the mods you propose. As you then add other stuff, such as i/c, maybe water injection or whatever, you can get it remaped. Continue running the sports ECU is just asking for touble, IMO.

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From my experience,I would ditch the sports ECU,and fit a Apexi AFC-Fuel controller with your uprated pump and regulator,and put back the standard ECU.

Or fit a replacement programmable ECU,such as Apexi Power FC,Gems,etc.The problem with the Sports Ecu it is only mapped to 1.3bar over that your fuelling is in the hands of the gods.

Good Luck Barry.:)

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i got some info from a company called essex turbos the other week, they do a ball bearing conversion on a standard turbo, do a search on here for the web site.


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Lee – Number 3 piston went in a big way (part of the side came away) with smaller damage in another piston. Not sure if its down to a blocked injector, dodgy fuel (been using optimax) or running to lean - to much damage to tell, but seeing the end result on Saturaday.
Dragon also mentioned essex turbos – cheers

Simon – forgot to mention running the HKS Super Racing filter with the SS valve

Simon/Barry – yep taking the Sports ECU out and sticking a GEM’s in - already got the quote from Steve.

For fast road use, I reckoned the stroker kit would be useful (due to more usable torque down low in the revs) and keeping the 264s, as 272s would only be beneficial higher up the rev range (which isn’t the good characteristic on the strokers). Does this make sense ?

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I think u was pushing your luck running 1.6 peak boost on standard E5 internals - I run 1.3 peak with the same mods as you (except cams) and while some will say thats as far as you can go, others will say you shouldnt even go this far. Pistons are different (inferior) to E6.

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