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Just remember'd this, i thought it was hilarious....

Down in London a couple of months ago..whilst visiting a friend...
Doing the usuall....pubs...then onto some clubs.Neadless to say we were pished as farts....The next morning we mate goes to get a shower and finds no soap left.

We go down to the local corner shop...we walk in,my friend asks the guy on the counter(who was not from england,you know what i mean) for some soap.....

The guy on the counter reply's in some english...end of shop end of shop!!!!!

We both walk up to the end of the shop looking for some soap.

We cannot see any soap at all???

We go back down to the counter...and tell him where is the soap...we cannot find it.

The guy sends us back upto the end of the shop....end of shop..end of shop.

We get to the end of the shop...and cannot still find this bloody soap.

Myself and my mate both turn round to each other......The end of the shop is full of Can of SOUP????

We both start mate goes back down to the counter........

I said SOAP....I see him pretending to wash himself as he says this.

The guy at the counter says .................Ah SOAP.

Myself and my mate start laughing....we feel like **** ...havnt washed yet....ect ect..

The guy on the counter then asks.....Ah Soap what kind do you want...............

My mate then replys CREAM OF MUSHROOM :crackup: :crackup:

We fell out the shop laughing :crackup: :crackup: :crackup: :crackup: :crackup: :crackup:

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I smell bullsh*t. First off "True Story + Internet = Lie". Secondly

"who was not from england,you know what i mean"

That's a very strange thing for a Scot to say. That is the kind of thing said by ignorant English folk. Scots are more educated and would say "not from Britain".
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