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TRAX – Silverstone – Sunday 8th September - 2001

This is THE Car club / track event of the year which attracts thousands of enthusiasts. Club displays, trade stands, sprint test, circuit rides and of course TRACK TIME are all attractions for those wishing to take part or just to look around and spectate.

The MLR is booking a space for 45 cars, and based on the event last year, these will be taken up very quickly.
Spaces and track time are available on a first come first served basis.

CAR PASSES to MLR STAND – Free to MLR members

TICKETS - Booked through the MLR, tickets are £7.00 per person
(Admission price on the day will be £15.00 and without a car pass you will be unable to have your car on the M.L.R stand)

TRACK - Track sessions are £30.00 per 15-minute session
Please note there is Maximum of 3 per person

Please e-mail me for a booking form

[email protected] and amp;gt;com


[email protected]

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Sounds tempting. You never know, I might even have some mods by then too... :D

Although holding this years event in September 2001 is a bit bizarre... border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle >

Which reminds me, must get the cheque sent off for membership... doh!


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oh lovely, best event of last year......

meet u on the track this year andy?? (and i dont mean the M1 ;))


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Sorry about the year BUT YOU KNOW WHAT I MEANT - it's an age thing you know you


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If you meet me on the track then take care that I don't spin it like I did last year ;)

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