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I desperately want to do an airfield day in my E6 and have got some spare tyres for it but am concerned about teh brakes. They are standard so basically, if they warp will it ruin the actual trackday ???

If they do warp then I'm not bothered that much as I'll get the Dragon disks or something that will be less likely to warp in the future but if it means that my airfield day will also be totally ruined and that I'll have to stop driving then I'll either do the disks beforehand or not bother taking on track.

Any ideas ?



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I did Elvington with warped discs, and it isn't too much of a problem. The car still stops, just that it vibrates like hell under braking. Much nicer with no wobble, but the only solution is to use new calipers and discs (AP or Movit etc). Believe me I've tried lots of different set ups (group N, Dragon etc) and will be buying AP in the very near future (don't tell the misus though).

The other thing is to uprate the pads before the day to stop them fadding (oh and the fluid as well). I'd try using cut down Mintex F4R's; Speak to Alan Zini at Dragon, or Questmead in Rochdale (Mintex main suppliers) and Mintex C-Tech fluid. This will stop you, but don't blame me if the noise is unbearable, the dust seals turn to charcoal, and your calipers turn brown. Mine have done all of the above but do stop very well, with no fade at all. Discs warped, but they had already done, and been skimmed. Unwarped discs MIGHT be OK with these pads.

Do an Airfield day. As soon as you do you know why you'd have regreted not doing it.


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I agree with Silver6 totally,on all his points.

Best way to learn how your car handles on the limit and beyond is on an airfield.

I did Bentwaters (briefly) last year and in the 4 sessions
I completed, managed to spin the evo several times - do this on a track and your
likely to do some major damage ! Once youve done an airfied day and learned how
to opposite lock at 100|PLS| and amp;lt;ROFL and amp;gt; in complete safety, you'll be better/safe/more confident
on a proper track.....

Chances are, there will be some HUGE straights and you'll be going sideways a LOT,
therefore airfield days KILL tyres and brakes !

Dont bother going if your tyres dont have a plenty of tread left !
I made that mistake, had about 20% life left in my tyres and thought they would last
the day, I destroyed the front left in one session, and only by rotating tyres throughout
the day (which was a pain!) did I manage 4 sessions.

Whilst standard brakes are great for road use and ok'ish for occasional track work, they will not
take they stress from an airfield day, I had terrible fade after just 2 laps.

Crucial thing is to change brake fluid, I cannot recommend Castrol SRF enough,
keep tyre pressures high (36psi) and you should be fine. If you can change to
more aggressive pads too, then great, but its not your money
and join my vat free AP group buy !!!


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Which airfield are you thinking of doing? I've done 4 trackdays and 1 airfield since buying my Evo5 last March. The airfield ( Kemble) had short straights with lowish max speed of about 90-100mph and my Group N discs did not warp. I find that the tracks with longer straights where you brake from say 120 mph|PLS| results in warped discs - Goodwood completely fried my standard discs ( before the Group N were fitted). The steering shake was so bad that I considered quitting after just 2 sessions, but in the end stuck it out and had a great day despite the shake. Group N warped a little at Snetterton at the MLR day but not too bad, probably due to the heavy rain (guess that keeps things a bit cooler and slows you down a little.)
As for tyres - I used more tread on one airfield day than on the 4 other trackdays put together - especially the front nearside. But then they didnt stop squeeling all day and I didnt stop grinning :D and neither will you :D:D (dont hit a cone though :( )


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I recently got a set of Godspeeds bell mounted discs and did Donnington with no problems apart from pedal going to floor on many occasions. I've now got braided hoses and mintex fluid and have yet to try them again. I had these discs on my Subaru with standard callipers and did several track days without any wobbles what so ever.
It will be interesting to see how they cope over time, but it's certainly a lot cheaper than the full AP kit!

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