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November Stats

Recoveries 99 £2,437,000
Highest value £80,000 Ferrari
6 Arrests

1 Scooby from Cheshire.
1 Evo 6 from Leeds

Now heres the BMW bit.

Didn't BMW say they had never had a Z3 stolen (A disclaimer had to be issued by ITV following the theft of one on Coronation Street).

Well last month 3 Z 3's were stolen.
13 3 series
|PLS| 1 M3
1 x 7 Series
3 x X5's
2 x M5's
2 x Alpina's

State of the art security????????

The words stolen with keys pops up in about 1 in 4.


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Was surprised that my insurance company did not specify a Tracker . They said only if car was valued at over £35k!

To be honest after they told me that I thought should I bother with the fitment?

Coz I'm positive non of us really want our car back after it has been stolen and amp; recovered . I once had an Astra GTE16v returned after it had been taken for a ride around Blackbird Leys in Oxford!! You know - new tyres - clutch etc! You are always thinking whens the engine going to let go?

Interesting recovery figures though!

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If someone wants your car bad enough, there's nothing that'll stop them. You can only make it difficult to try to discourage the chancers and joy-riders. Don't think that I'd want mine back if it had been stolen. I've got a Cat 1 alarm and use a steering lock. I'd only invest in a tracker if the insurance savings would pay for it.

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My last car (911) had a Tracker fitted but it was going to cost money to have it reactivated when I bought the car. Norwich Union wouldn't give me a discount so I didn't bother. Seems to me the main beneficiaries of Trackers are the insurance company.

I suspect if someone can get round a Cat 1 alarm a Tracker isn't going to worry them too much.

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What staggers me is why anyone would want to nick a Z3 in the first place! :D
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