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Recently had the scheduling for track days from dec club mag.
Not one Sunday venue,doesn't any one of these tracks open an a sunday?
I work a six day week and would appreciate blowing the ****** out of my car on my day off.
Bit of a stress reliever.
I am sure more attendees would be present on such a day.If shops can open why can,t tracks .
There may be a simply explanation to this ,like the staff want a day off.Well have a day off in the week and let a poor sod like myself have the oppotunity to enjoy hiself
Same with rolling rd days ,Sunday is a working day now these days .Just can't afford to have day off in the week,as well as pay for track day.
Any one else have this sort of problem? I am making the effert for Cadwell cause I thouroughly enjoyed the circuit last year.Would like a rolling road gig as well.

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Only guessing but I bet Sundays are more expensive and many tracks may already be booked with racing events.

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Ahhh !!

Guess this to be true,I used to work sundays as well but gave it up,as no one around mid week to play with.So stopped it and now there is no one around on a sunday to play with either.
Just have to make do with public roads all year and scare myself shitless .
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