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I am thinking about hiring out a 375 bhp high spec Evo 4 ( the Beast) for MLR members to use on track days, to prevent damage wear to you own car, what would track users be prepared to pay for car hire, petrol ,tyres? I was thinking of £1000 for 2 drivers for the day,to cover running costs/ ware and tear, is this reasonable?
Please Email us for spec sheet of the package if intrested.

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Not really...

I have hired Caterhams in the past - a full race caterham for the whole day, £500 |PLS| fuel - which is cheap in a caterham!

That was 220bhp race specced car.

Also, I thing you have a catch22 on your hands. People who can afford the wear and tear on their EVO, won't hire. People who can't, won't hire either!

Best to hire to NON EVO owners. Get in with a trackday outfit...

Are you prepared if they crash it? Wear and tear on an EVO is huge. To prepare SImon's old car for low wear would mean caging it, and you would need bigger wheels/tyres etc.

Fuel will be massively expensive - all day running will mean a seat of pads and tyres, and probably 4 tanks of petrol at least. Add the cost of the day onto it, and it is expensive.

Sorry - just adding some practicality into the equation. Flame suit on ... :D

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It does depend on what the person hiring the car requires from the trackday , ie quality / performance of the car and their own ability / time required on circuit as this could vary the overall running cost quite considerably .

I was at Donny for the day last wednesday and the entry fee , 150 ltrs fuel on circuit , set of tyres (slicks) , brake pads and amp; fuel to and from the circuit cost me over £650 without putting any general wear and amp; tear into the equation , but I drove 200 track miles and amp; ran everything down and had a very good day :D

Paying and amp; sharing an unknown car for the day with someone else wouldn`t be the same , and £1000 a day on your own is too much , like Blade was saying people who can afford that would have their own car.

If you`re serious about hiring out at MLR days in my opinion you would be better off going down the £100 buys X laps route so that people who carn`t afford an EVO can enjoy a life time experience

just my humble opinion

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dave - good idea.

How the hell did you spend so much money in one day?

You really need new suspension mate! I do open pit days always, and think I average 1 set slicks and pads every 3 track days, and an oil |PLS|filter change every other track day, brake bleeding so on. Entrance is usually sub £200. 5 tanks of fuel probably - £150 (E6 tanks, 35l a go because the guage is so inaccurate :D)

I get to £600 because I used to take an instructor an mechanic along, which I won't be doing anymore (trailer it instead :D)

I used to go through tyres etc. at the same rate as you, before I fully caged it and added the rest of the tweaks. Drummonds on their own had high wear rates too

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Blade - its the suspension alright , a couple of people come and told me I was up on three wheels around a few different corners mainly entering Mcleans ( flick left to take out the understeer before the entry into the right hander :D )

I swopped them front to rear midday but they were on canvas at the fronts by the end of the day :( , these were Michelin S23 possibly to soft for the Evo ?

Since I`ve done the fuel pump mod and amp; fitted the Ralliart ECU it seems to drink fuel 7 (ish) mpg , need to get the Gems sorted out !

The brake pads are PFC 97c , great pads but they cost £220 a set which is scary heh ! still its the only way to make up all the lost ground on the straights as I`ve only got 330 (ish) bhp compared with some of the 500bhp per ton superlights I was going past

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Oh well, it looks like ill be the only one enjoying chasing after Blade then!
Simon delivered the beast to us last night, so will take some piccys to add to my new car hire and standard parts for sale website:
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