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Track Alignment

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I want to know from who uses theirs EVOs for racing, trackdays and hill climbs what is the alignment setup that you use.
I want to try something different and more tail happy than the original setup specially regarding the Toe settings.
I'm thinking about keeping zero Toe all around. What do you think about? Will it oversteer too much?

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Here's mine:

Camber: -1.8
Toe: Zero
Caster: whatever the chassis wants

Camber: -1.2
Toe: 1 degree toe out
Caster: same as fronts

Feels better and still easy to catch if you lose it a bit. But my driving style is brake all I want BEFORE entering corner, neutral throttle at turn-in, then flooring it right at or a bit after the apex.

Some guys like to trail-brake and get the tail out a bit so this set-up might not work for them as methinks it will get twitchy, not funny when its a fast, long sweeper at 120-140kmh and minimal run-off. Especially if your hands and head aren't quick, like me. :) Hence the driving style.

Your driving style should suit your wheel alignment specs as well mate. :)
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1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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