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Track Alignment

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I want to know from who uses theirs EVOs for racing, trackdays and hill climbs what is the alignment setup that you use.
I want to try something different and more tail happy than the original setup specially regarding the Toe settings.
I'm thinking about keeping zero Toe all around. What do you think about? Will it oversteer too much?

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Here's my track settings:
Camber F -2.5, R -1.5
Toe: parallel all round
Camber: factory settings

I haven't tried the parallel rear toe on track yet as its just been adjusted, but with parallel front toe and -1 at the rear it was still a bit understeery.

Just don't go toe out at the rear as it gets twitchy, esp if you back off mid bend :eek:

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You could try a bit of toe at the rear but maybe no more than 1mm - I tried that and found it a bit twitchy (and ended up facing backwards on track once :blush: ). Or else take 0.5 deg camber off the rear which might make it a bit more progressive than the toe out option.

1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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