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can someone please explain to me some simple stuff (as i am in IT/Design and dont know to much about all things mechanical)....:)

at the rolling road day yesterday Pondy hit his cars max torque (262 lbs/ft) at 3800rpm, where as my car was 303 lbs/ft at 5040rpm, can someone explain:
a: why is my peak point so much further up in the rev range
b: is this a good thing?

also on the print out graph my power curve is a bit all over the place, can anyone explain why this would be and if necessary how to fix it?


mods: HKS BOV, HKS racing suction kit, HKS Hiper exhaust, ralliart de-cat, Ralliart ECU, Magnex down pipe, 1.4/1.5 bar boost (no controller (yet))
read out: 351 bhp flywheel, 238 bhp wheels, 303 lbs/ft

thanks guys
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