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Who knows the truth for the top speed of an
The road tests say circa 150 MPH , but I spoke to various blokes at the recent Super
Chips rolling road day who were claiming 160-
165 MPH.
I havn't maxed mine out yet , and as it has a
Blitz Nurspec system ,Blitz filter ,HKS alloy
intercooler pipes and the boost solenoid mod,I would anticipate better than stock
performance. I have tried full throttle runs
on a few occasions and was surprised to find the rev limiter at 8000 ish RPM (only time for a quick glance !!) So , can anyone give
facts ??
Just a note on the solenoid mod , I now have
upto a 1.2 bar reading on an HKS boost gauge
and fuel cuts do occur on WOT max rev runs ,
if I take it just a little easier then no probs.

so fast for now

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Top speed comes from the gearing. Easy quick guess would be to work out how many MPH you do per 1000rpm in top. (just look at it whilst driving and then work it out). once you know that and how high it'l rev you can work it out.
Of course this doesn't apply to all car's, some cars would never pull full revs in 5th. Eg, going off the rpm/mph calculation in my Dads escort would give it a top speed on the far side of 160. border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| middle >
The gearing on the Evo is more manic.
Eg:My Evo I does about 20Mph/1000Rpm. it revs to 7K, so thats 140MPH top whack.

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The revs cut out at about 7700 rpm and yes you can hit it in 5th gear.

The speedo read just over 150, but how accurate is that officer? I'm sure it wasn't that fast.

Needless to say that the door seals tend to make a lot of noise at that speed and I nearly spilled my coffee and dropped my mobile phone when I tried to turn up the stereo to counter it.

I would never normally drive that quickly and would never condone it, but that Evo was crying out to be stolen and given a good joyride - what could I do?

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Thanks mate , I had established that the gearing was 21.3 MPH per thou , so at 8K RPM
it would be 170 MPH , question is can it pull
To take up speedy's comment , on the gearing
of my car if 7.7K RPM is the rev limiter the max speed would be 164 MPH , so it still remains has anyone achieved this ?
Obviously I have only one option , find a good long road and ....... , in Germany of

Redline for now.

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Hi Chaps

I have had my slightly modded VI at 7700 rpm in fith gear on several occasions (with passenger), ratio is 21.6 mph / 1000 rpm.This works out to 166.32 mph. Put it this way you sure do know that 150 has gone past and said cheerio!!
When the car was stock it would only pull 6950 rpm in fith approx 150 mph.All rather irrelevant as it's bloody quick and of course never done on the Queens highways!!!!!!!

Regards Kevin

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On my way to the Nurburgring, the car accelerated straight to 250 km/h at 7300 rpm (which I believe is the rev limiter). Are you sure about the 7700rpm ? or is it my car that doesn't run properly?



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Hi Tarik

Rev limiter is 7700 rpm and my car pulls it cleanly, but don't forget it is modified.

Regards Kevin

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My rev limit is 7700ish too, but I have never hit that in 5th (yet); even though an indicated 167-168 mph was showing once (whilst reversing out of my driveway of course) border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| middle >

Basically there are very very few places you could/would dare to do that sort of speed and I prefer to stick to burning 911s off on roundabout-strewn A roads or classic country lanes (in my dreams of course as I have never actually exceeded 70mph in my car).

It's a bloody monster car and was not built nor, no doubt, bought (by any of us) for top end whack though it more than sticks up for itself in that department too. If it was a woman, I'd sh*g it [img] border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| middle >)
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