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Toomey Mitsubishi in Essex

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Anyone in Essex used this dealers that has quite recently opened. I don't think it has been open a year yet. It's pretty close to me so if it is half competent I'll give them a go.

Any feedback on these guys?
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Had a warranty issue last year regarding cracking drivers seat. Took the car to them and they said they were not official Ralliart dealers yet as they had only been open a short while.

However they were happy to put in the claim with Mitsi as it were not a mechanical fault and the seat was ordered and fitted within a week turnaround (no they didnt keep the car).

They did do a mile in it as a test not sure why when it was only a seat that needed to be replaced.

Was passing yesterday afternoon and i think they have been granted Ralliart status as i see a rather nice silver IX360 not sure if it was a new MR

Had trade plates on and was being poorly driven!

Theres no way it could have been warmed up or run in properly before hand and it was only 600 yrds from their garage

Am tempted to pop back and show them how to drive it properly ;)
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