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Does anyone know the full differences between a normal Evo 6 and a Makinen Edition?

Is it limited to the paint job, seats, front spoiler and wheels or is there more to it??

I presume it's based on a GSR?

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Autocar did an article on it a couple of months ago.

From what I remember, it is a case of the same dog, but with new fleas . (No fog lamps, but more cooling space instead?)

They preferred the new look. I didn't.

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the only real differences are that the car is (according to the owner's manual) tuned for tarmac stages . Which doesn't mean a lot, because the only changes that Mitsu have made is to add a front strut brace between the suspensions, to stiffen the front end a bit. So if you want to modify your Evo6 to a T.M. limited edition, just buy a strut brace!



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I tend to disagree as I drove a Makinen for 500 miles in one day, a couple of months ago.

The suspension and amp;/or springing is definately different to my EVO V1. On normal road surfaces it is much more supple and amp; is less harsh. However when cornering, the progressive springs harden up so it feels like a standard V1 then. I preferred the feel of the Maskinen, and amp; shortly intend to have Eibach progressive springs fitted.

I believe that the Makinen has a titnium turbo, and amp; in the car I drove, which was not run in at the time, 5th gear acceleration from 65mph up was quicker than my V1 in standard trim. It also has a different exhaust backbox as well as the front strutbrace.

As for looks, this is of course a personal decision.I didn't like the red dials and amp; trim (preferring the standard blue), the white wheels look really good on a red Makinen, but not so good on a blue one! The Makinen blue is very nice (not as purpley as Icelle), but the white wheels would have to go if it was mine. Also, the Ralliart stripes/decals are optional and amp; will be very much down to personal taste!

The front bumper/spoiler is not suitable for fitting driving/fog lights.

Bottom line: if I could afford a Makinen over a standard V1, I'd go for it

Hope this helps all you lucky potential owners.
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