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You can't control the weather - and it was BLOODY awful today! RAIN RAIN RAIN!!!! After my spin at Donington a couple of weeks ago in the rain, I was ultra nervous. After some practice I got the hang of it though, and it dried out later in the day.

A good crowd came, including DaveD6 (with Nick), Clive from RC, Simon from Warrender, Dragon (Dale), Alex (all the way from spain!) and my mate Mark - and last (but definitely not least) the lovely Jenny from RC. DaveD6 had the pleasure of driving my car (and I had the pleasure of being a passenger at the time, and Clive came out with me too). I also had the pleasure of driving the Warrender demo car with new 25g turbo - thoughts on that later (in a different thread).

Everyone was jolly nice, and we had a great time - we are all going up to Croft on the 14th June, so suggest you GET YOUR ARSES DOWN THERE too!

Thanks to Clive for the excellent advice, DaveD6 for transporting my stuff for me, Nick for changing my wheels and all things mechanical Edited 28-06-02 by request

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I agree with everything said even the Noise tester:D

The Radical looked an interesting car in the afternoon enjoyed the Ferrari's being out.

What was the strange blue ting it was like a rocket ship?

Roll on the next day at Oulton hopefully a dry one please.

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You should have stayed on the list for Easytrack tomorrow :)
Here's hoping for better weather

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Me and my brother had a very good fun with the BAT guys.
Although it was my first RWD experience and that was in the
wet with a race prepared caterham, things went quite well.

Both me and my brother are about 6'4 and it was a real struggle
trying to get into the caterham as driver and passenger. In fact
it was taking most of the time trying to get into the car rather than
driving the car :) Having only one set of racing shoes (from my Karting days)
didn't help either (especialy with the close positioned driving pedals of the

A few comments for the day:

Tony's car looks quite nice from the back :)

A very few people were quite anxious to overtake us although
most of the times we were giving them way even at corners...
I certainly don't have a problem with that (although it was ruled out
from the officials - as it is in most track days) but one thing that
some of these guys must not have realised is that less experienced
drivers in the track (like me for example) might make mistakes in a corner ...

As we only started passing cars when the track was getting dry, a big
goes to those that we got in their way. Having said that it is also worth mentioning
that the only thing that I reckon we were quite good at, was spotting the cars behind us and
letting them pass. We became profficient at it while it was raining :)

A Big thanks to Mike for the ride with the westfield. The best part of the
day I reckon !!!

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The blue rocketship was owned by Chris Wilson and is a Chevron B16.

Alex, the people doing the dodgy overtaking were spoken to ;)


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Mmmm - DaveD6 was responsible for a bit of dodgy overtaking in my car on one occasion... We were both very sorry :D

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I put it down to the car Tony , its impossible to drive it without getting carried away !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Just a shame we had to shove the bean tin up the exhaust and loose all that lovely top end power , even in the wet you could use all the power with the cars fantastic grip and amp; traction , made mind feel like a Mondeo in comparison :(

Must be amazing with full slicks in the dry ?............. hint, hint border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle >

Thanks also go to Simon for letting me drive the new Warrander car with its smooth power delivery all the way up to
8K............must of been my lucky day !

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Original Post:
As we only started passing cars when the track was getting dry, a big
goes to those that we got in their way.
I meant to say a big apology goes to ...

Anyone knows what hapenned to the unlucky owner of the silver 7 ?
It looked like a major job to me !

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The silver 7 was another of our cars that was hired out. Fortunately it was insured and the car is back with Caterham for fixing.


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Ah yes - Should have checked my mail first!
I hear young Mr. King has changed his illegence from Scoob to something else - 480BHP/420FT/LBS and 2wd!!! Thought that might be what he is driving sideways these days thats all....
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