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First and foremost would like to thank Pete (Peterwickett) for being such a pleasure to deal with. Pete is a top bloke and I can honestly say hes a credit to himself. The car was as described and Pete went above and beyond to assist me covering every aspect of the car and is a true enthusiast. I will definitely be keeping in touch! :thumbup:

After two 8 hour round trips with my dad, I can now say I am the proud owner of Y238 HEU Tommi Makinen Monte Carlo Edition #2 :D

For those who don't know, the Monte Carlo is basically a TME RS which was supplied new in the UK with a few healthy upgrades (See attached original data sheet from Mitsubishi). Originally, 12 cars were planned, but the CCC only managed to provide 5 cars to Ralliart UK. Each car came with a commemorative plaque and an individual number.

#1 Y246 HEU which was restored by Martin (Willox) to a beyond exceptional standard. Car is now owned by a gentleman in Scotland.
#2 Y238 HEU
#3 Y286 HEU Owned by Cryptwalk, but was unfortunately stolen many years ago.
#4 ?
#5 ?

From numerous conversations I'm under the understanding that number 4 was involved in an accident in the early years, but would love someone to prove this wrong or Atleast confirm it? As there doesn't seem to be a lot of concrete information and just here say.

As for #2 Y238 HEU the car has covered 78500 Miles from new and has some amazing history with it, including the original bill of sale and data sheet from the Monte Carlo launch :D
The car is factory standard and still on its original Ralliart Plates. The upgrades included from factory (on top of the Monte upgrades) include a tracker and a genuine Mitsi boost gauge fitted from new. Car is still fitted with the original interior.
The only aftermarket extra i can see is the CD/Radio the 2nd owner added in.

I am now the 4th owner. 1st owner was a very wealthy collector who used the car as it was intended in his spare time with numerous trips to the Nurburgring :mhihi:
2nd owner was a collector
3rd owner was Pete who wanted to source a TME RS but managed to find this gem 40minutes up the road.

The car as it stands is in good useable condition and mechanically sound with current MOT, but the UK roads have took their toll and it's now time to save her and bring her back to her former glory and what she deserves.
I will be starting a Restoration thread soon with before during and after pictures documenting the full restoration.

Once again Pete thanks for all your help and cooperation, honestly can't speak highly enough of you. And I will apologise in advance for making you have to get your 'garage queen' out for next Summer :mhihi:

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Looks a great car to go with your collection :smthumbup
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