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Howdey Dudes - Firstly may I say it is wicked, wicked site, lots of info and from who I met at Trax, lots of wonderfull people!!

My question, I have a TME and was wondering if a cat replacement pipe would make much diffrence to the performance/sound of the car? The reason for the question : I noticed that Scorpion make a cat replacement pipe for around £50 which I thought was reasonalble.

Also if I do take the cat out - what diffrence would there be between this new exhaust system and an after market jobbie? Is there going to be a huge increace in BHP or just a couple of extra ponies?

Muchos Ta-Os


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Glad you like you Mak. The first mod I did was a cat pipe, I have a magnex one, about £50.
It is exactly the same fit as the cat, so all you do is undo the 4 bolts and slot it in!

It does make a difference to the car and if you don't like it, or when it comes to MOT time it is a 5 minute job to slot the cat back in.

After the cat pipe, I got a Blitz cat back system which really made a difference. The Blitz also has a removable baffle which makes the system as quite as normal if you run the car with it in.

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if you replace the kat with an aftermarket pipe the boost will raise 0.1 to 0.2 bar

about the rest i don t know

you can go to there are some figures about supersprint but be carefull they all want to sell exhausts

a replacement cat pipe is a must have
most people think the car is faster because there is more sound keep that in mind

i drive with:

standard downpipe
cat replacement pipe
standard middle section
hayward and scott backbox

with this setup i am very happy

i tried also the middle section of hayward and scott but it s back in the garage again to much sound for me
i love hp and torque but i don t want a lot of noise so my setup is nice compromise

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