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My last post about UK vs. Grey stirred a lot emotions regarding warranty ....

Does anyone have any experience of; WarrantyWise, Warranty Direct or any other such company? I am concerned about having a car like this with no warranty but the only comments I have ever heard is that not worth the paper there written on ?

Has anyone got some real experience either making a successful claim or having a valid claim turned down that they would like to share?

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I had a successful claim with WHA but it took bloody ages to get them to agree payment.
I got the ok to book the car in,told them I was only going to take it to a Ralliart aprroved garage.1st problem.only prepared to pay £25 hour labour as I would not use there garage.I was prepared to pay the rest of the labour as it was only going to take 1 hour max.
2nd problem.They wanted proof of every service the car had,they only said this when the garage wanted the Authorisation number,I was already at the garage without the proof of service.
3rd problem.getting through to the claims dept on the phone.The garage tried for hours before getting through.
If it was not for the garage being really good about this then I would have ended up paying for the work myself and then trying to claim it back from WHA.The garage let me have the car without paying,trusting me to get them the proof of service and that eventually they would get through to WHA and get paid.
That was the easy one,I had another claim 5 years ago with the same company and that took me over 3months to get sorted out.......
If you get one of these warranties don`t expect it to be easy to get work done.
Mitsubishi are offering warranties of grey imports now,don`t know how much they cost but it will be easier to get work done....

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I don't know if this helps but...................

As you have no doubt seen I am picking up my 5 from Ralliart in Dudley tomorrow which comes with a Ralliart warranty. I have asked some questions about who actually underwrites the warranty and this is the answer.

Ralliart warranty used to be through WAH (I think those are the letters he gave me but could have been WHA as above but not sure) either way they have had severe problems getting money out of them. Guy I spoke with suggested that Ralliart had laid out circa £18K and had only managed to reclaim £400 quid.

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It doesn't matter what the warranty is called on the front check who underwrites it, if its WHA (Warranty Holdings Association) then don't touch it with a barge poll. I have heard loads of stories about this company and not a single one has been good. It is true about the £25 maximum labour charge, they won't pay over that and allegedly they will wriggle and squirm out of any claim if they can.
I have had good and bad experiences regarding the third party Mitsubishi Warranty for Grey Imports. It does only cover the main named parts (pistons, con-rods etc. etc.) but at least they cough up all the dough when neccessary.
I had one minor claim niggle and that was they wouldn't pay out to replace the bolts on my front diff because the bolts were not covered. I even tried explaining that if I left it it would have eventually have destroyed the diff and they would have had to pay out for that instead as that was one of the parts covered. It would have cost them over £2k for a new transfer box instead of £250 for the bolt replacements. Anyway they weren't going to play ball.
When it came to replacing the gearbox bearings then they paid out no questions asked and given that it also included replacing bearings that were OK (the garage replaced them all in case of chaff contamination) they just agreed it was good engineering practice and coughed up the whole amount (bar gearbox oil).
The only niggle really is that the claim limit is £2500 which is the maximum they will pay out per claim and cumlatively over the life of the policy. If you buy a 3 year policy and claim £2500 in the first week then you are stuffed for 3 years! (I suppose you could buy another policy but I don't know). It is better to buy a 12 month policy (roughly £450) and renew each year. Given the high cost of parts and high labour charges (well down here anyway!) then a warranty makes sense, obviously if you are prepared to take the risks then good luck.
It has already saved me over £500 over the initial cost of the policy so I ain't complaining! (well not anymore ;))

Can anybody else recommended good third party warranties? I think RAC are good but that is only available through the trade.

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My sincere opinion,

Don't go for WHA. I don't know which one you could go for but definetely not WHA.

My experience with them over the years could only attract the attention of solicitors
and courts.

Last experience:

Blown engine with a Subaru WRX Sti (no need to say that it was an imported model).
After a lot of hasle they came back saying that the engine was not designed to run with
UK fuel but japanese 100 RON. I always used super unleaded with an octane booster and had paid
500 pounds to insure the car with them !!!

The funny thing is that the DENIED to send me the full report on which they based their
decision not to compensate me ! Yes they denied.

Ofcourse after I paid an indepedent engineer to check the car it became evident that there
was some sort of lubrication problem and after threatening them to go to court (and I am sure
that this would be a win-win case) they agreed to pay about 3/4 of my costs to replace the engine.

Don't even think about insuring the car with them ! If something serious/expensive happens you will
have all the problems in the world to get compensated.



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Agree 100% re WHA.

Big ends went. They turned the claim down on the basis that they thought that sometime in the cars life it may have suffered low oil No proof or anything else to back this up.

6 months later and loads of legal letters they eventually stumped up 3/4 of the cost.

If you read their Policy Ts and amp; Cs, they have get out clauses for absolutely everything.

I know of at least a dozen other scenarios like this. They shouldn't be in business.
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