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It gets a little frustrating at times ,not having anything to say thats wrong with my car!I read all the main BBS postings and most of it hasn,t happened to my car ,or I can't afford to have all the mods done thats going.
I get a little embarressed to post a question on what,s the best wheel cleaner,or whats the best polish to shine my paintwork to show room condition.
Although I can say that Simoniz wash wax is ****,cause it seals in un washed off dirt to the paint work .
Perhaps a trivial section should be added to the forum for the likes of myself.
What sort of driving position is best?
Any one used the rear central arm rest?
Is a rear ash tray necessary?Or an ashtray at all when you have electric windows.
My door pockets fill up quickly with sweet wrappers!
I can't fit 4 tyres in my boot!
Why hasn't my drivers side got a grab handle for when I am cornereing with one hand?
Does anyone take ther kids shoes off in the back so they don't muddy the rear of the front seats?
If my car was fitted with a full harness, roll cage and no back seats,How do I get the family out for sunday lunch?
Has any one Farted and pressed the window lock?
Where does one put there sun glasses when the glove compartment is full of the cars service history?
Where can I hide the radar detector when I,m stopped by the fuzz?
How do you get cat fur out, from the fins of your intercooler?
Is dog #### good for removing brake dust from your wheels?
Comments please


Paul s

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Why is the official Mitsubishi Diamond Collection Paint touch up for my car 15 shades different to the actual colour the car is painted???????

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A question I have always wanted to ask since thinking about upgrading my exhaust:
Will the OE exhaust fit inside the car (boot, back seat, obviously with seat covers/protection) when its taken off/to pieces or will I need to collect it with my old mans tranny van?

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Shorty, your right about that.

What about this Diamond bright malarky, has anyone actually paid £300 to get their car polished. They say you don't have to polish you car for a couple of years, sounds a bit dubious to me. Anyway how else would we spend our weekends !!!!!

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Just bought some Turtlewax Extreme wax and it's fab (very similar to that Wax Wizard stuff) border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle >

HH6, Jonathon is right, the mid-section is too long to fit in the car. Which reminds me, I must go and collect mine from Chichester (they've probably thrown it away!).

Anyone put clear side repeaters on and how do the old ones come off?

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The old repeaters prise out with a screwdriver....I kid you not! Get a great big screwdriver and chew up your paintwork getting them out!

Seriously though, there is a diagram in the workshop manual. You have to prise the repeaters out with a screwdriver. Slip the screwdriver from the REAR of the repeater as there is a hook at the front of the repeater that won't let you get it out that way. Use some cloth around the screwdriver to hopefully stop any bodywork scratches.

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Ref - Has anyone farted and pressed the window lock - I thought this was compulsary. Just like holding the better halves head under the covers when you drop your guts in bed border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle >.

I'll get my coat [img] border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle >

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I managed to get Paul Scutts old mongoose in my car ,from Warrington to Swindon.
The performance of it wasn't that good ,untill I had it fitted.
Looked great with the tail pipe in the rear window though.
Tried cleaning the inside of the exhaust tail pipe today ,got my fist stuck,doesn't happen like this on my videos.
How many of you get under the car when 1500kg of metal is pivotted on 4 of car jack?
Hunty I have white splodges all over my car ,I know what you mean ,my car is BLUE !!
HH6/ I read this in the manuals as well,Don't try it on the head lamp lenses though,bust 2 screw drivers.

cheers Paul s

Now you see me now you don't.

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HH6 and amp;gt; You have to prise the repeaters out with a screwdriver

No you don't - you can squeeze 'em out (and back in border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| middle > by hand.
Being Mr Mechanically Useless, I thought I was going to have to do all sorts of futzing around.
Met up with some of the guys at Oulton last year, and Paul (ZeroF,RS450) Hughes showed me how easy it is by doing it there-and-then.

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Yes, it's true, you can take the side repeaters out with your hands. I did it. I think it was the back side that you have to pull outwards, the rest follows.


How many of you get under the car when 1500kg of metal is pivotted on 4 of car jack? - What car do you have?? Sounds really heavy!

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I have an E4,but this is at a roadside ,with luggage ,and he misses and kid.
Did ask her to get out of the car ,but as it was raining ,she'd get her hair wet.
Thought I'd lost the exhaust over a hump.
Any way didn't loose the exhaust ,but lost the wife 6 months later.The car was cheaper to run !!!!


Paul s
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