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Re various posts about the brake juddering problem when braking from 80-50mph.

I've just had mine fixed by BTR in Castleford, who gave me this info:

Because of the size of the disc Vs the hub, even a small amount of runout causes the wobble. BTR have tried polishing the mating surfaces with brasso to get a completely flat fit, and rotating over all 5 mounting positions to find the best fit. Sometimes it works... (takes 2 hours!)

Add this to warped discs and that's why wobble occurs. Brembo have since changed the steel used in the discs TWICE, in order to stop them warping. BTR reckon it's now 3rd time lucky.

The runout on my discs was 1mm on left, 0.7mm on right. Now it's 0.01mm left, 0.015mm right. No wobble!

When you get the wobble, don't make the mistake of going for genuine Mitsubishi parts for disc replacement. According to Tim at BTR, it's standard motor industry practice that the best quality parts go on the car, the second quality go into the spares network. So the real replacements will probably warp worse!

Reskimming doesn't work either. They've had to trash all the discs they've had reskimmed.

Replacement discs are £130 each, plus fitting and VAT. And you need to run them in gently to get them used to the heat.

BTR have used these discs on the Group N rally cars they build, and they say they're much better. Only two of us roadboys have them so far... so lets see how we get on.

Good luck

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Bloodaxe or anyone else - any update on best way to go with front brakes ?

Mine are now well and truly knackered, and I'm wanting to know what to replace them with for better life than original equipment.

Has anyone tried Gp.B product and found them any better ?

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Red five, both me and evodriver are currently running the Black diamond crossed and drilled disks (Actually Brembo grp N items then crossed and drilled and re-heat treated). I had them for about 2k miles running with standard pads, and can confirm that I've had no problems yet. I'll keep you notified.


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Still to early to say for my brakes. Only done about 2K miles with the new ones.

Will keep this thread updated as and when.

Interesting article on Power Engineering's website about brakes (and lots else too!)
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