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Hi guys,

I helped gstefanos with this. It was a joint effort. Firstly sorry for the slow response, I have been on holiday for the past month.

I run the website which started after I realised that VINs could be looked up on a program called Nissan FAST and it would tell you about the car (colour, production date, model code etc). This would tell you about the type of car and factory options etc, and from there I realised I could work out what # of 228 my car (R34 GT-R M-Spec) was. Well after I collected the data I realised there was 366 made. It turns out that all of the production numbers known from Japan were total bull****. Since I knew noone would believe me, I put everything in to an easy to search database and made everything public and easy to cross reference.

After the initial release of just the R34 GT-R, I had a LOT of people check the information against their car and nothing was inaccurate.

After that I added more GT-Rs and more Skylines and then other cars. In fact there are currently records of 1,865,648 cars on the website. (Go to the front page of and spend some time looking around).

I've now had thousands of cars cross checked and everything has always been accurate. I take the accuracy of the data extremely seriously.

Along the way I also discovered that there are MANY parts websites with the exact same information. In fact I even have them all listed on my website

Among others. I collected data from them and cross referenced everything and it was all accurate.

Since I had created the tools and website to collect information automatically, it was relatively easy to add more. I wanted a new challenge so I looked in to other cars.

If you've had a look around my site you'll also see I've done (non Nissan)
Lexus LFA
Mazda RX-7
WRX Sti 22B
All sourced from the same sites. These have been cross checked with many owners and they're all accurate.

I would have done the Supra too but that's already been done.

Anyway my friend said another JDM Hero to investigate is the Tommi Makinen.

So I checked my parts sites and collected the data. Unfortunately I don't actually know really anything about them (sorry - I'm a GT-R guy) so I was researching online and came across gstefanos who had done this already for Europe. We worked together a lot and this is what we came up with.

The main source data for the Tommi Makinen was Feel free to go there and look up any VIN or collect all of the data yourself. You will see info about the car. I also used another site and cross referenced the info. All I did is automate the collection of all of the data, worked the data and then put them on the website with gstefanos's help (couldn't have done it without him).

More than happy to answer any other questions.

Simply fill in any gaps in the sequence of chassis numbers, or add to the end of the list.

The OP has been asked on his previous thread as to how he got the data. He never responded or challenged me. The only definitive information we have is from Mitsubishi's archive and the information published in Evo article's. I am not saying the OP is wrong. He is just not providing any provinance.

Don't take things on face value. :smthumbup
See above. Do you think I just made stuff up?

Hello gstefanos.

do you know what is option code 670 ?

and 003 ?

have you got a list of the option code and can you post it ?
(or too much work on this stuff to make it public?)

I think "interior code 77P " mean the "basic carisma" interior ? (For an RS)

Best regards
I will add them soon. Unfortunately TMEEMT who offered to do this suffered a serious accident right after his offer and then I was away for the past month. I'll get them up by the end of the week.

It's the usual discussion year in year out, there could be thousands of Red for what difference it makes, the poster car was Red and that's the one that people will want regardless, but your right nothing is selling at the moment :smthumbup
It's a thread about production numbers and rarest Tommi Makinens...?

The guy that put this together - over 18 months of work - for the benefit of this community, deserves some thanks and applause. There will always be data that can't be irrefutably confirmed.

Even if Mitsubishi put out production numbers, how do you actually confirm all their data is 100% accurate and free of errors.
Yep Nissan said there was 1000 nur built. Actually there was 1003, because a couple were damaged in shipment and replaced with new cars.

In fact Nissan has said there is only 300 midnight purple 2 r34 gt-r to be made (there's 346); 45x r35 gt-r 45th anniversary (there's 79) and 100x r35 gt-r midnight opal SE (there's 115). So I wouldn't take the manufacturer's claims personally anyway.

So the question of province is important. Was this data pulled from a parts database? If so it may not be representative of what actually left the factory.
This is production data and not sales results. Some pre-production cars most likely scrapped, some may have been damaged in shipment etc. This is a list of production information made available by each VIN sorted by VIN sequence.

It is good that people are willing to pull this data together. I do it regularly for my work. It becomes a powerful tool. You just have to remember it's limitations. This database looks to be an excellent tool to confirm your chassis build. I am just not convinced you can use it to prove production numbers.

My head is now hurting. Too much wallbang. :lol::lol::lol:
Get all VIN information - of course you can use it to confirm production numbers of each colour etc....?

Agree with M3 Rob. All 3 of mine are on the list as well - But I didn't really need this list to verify that - There are multiple websites you can plug your vin into and get similar info. Its a nice to have however, since its all in one place. Great work putting it all together.

Is it possible that some VIN's in the sequence didnt get built ? The only way we'd know this is if we get the build info from the Motherland, which I doubt exists anymore, possibly long gone as Mitsubishi couldn't care less. I guess they were too busy winning championships at the time instead of counting and documenting VIN numbers for future Evo owners. Nissan now could care even less.
And honestly, I could care less.

At the end of the day, CP9A-020 and JMYSNCP is all that really matters.
As you said, there are multiple websites with this data. That's exactly what I've done. :) Automated the collection of every VIN, put everything in an easy to search database and then worked out the production numbers from the information. Each VIN has a model code, date and colour assigned to it. So they were definitely used.


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Well I've put my Mak through and 2 of my friends white Maks and all 3 cars are on the system, you even got the option code right on my car. Well done great tool and i appreciate all the hard work and time you have put in top job..

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Evening All,

Its been a while since ive been on here, but found this thread and had to respond.

I have a Red SCP car and have checked the UK/Jap spread sheet and mine is there and reading correct to the model.

SNGF2 model which is what I hoped it would read.

Thanks to the OP for posting this and the work thats gone into it.

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Perfect info. Thanks for posting.

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a lot of work behind this research.
tme rs and tme rs 2 in europe. lhd tm rs has sticker in the back with 'edition' word.
i dont' know why you call rs 'tm rs' ,for abbreviation i think?
but if in some manual they call the rs 'tm' this can also be.

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"pre production models"

does that mean they are on the read and went for sale?

is there sth special about these besides being the first 13 units?

Pre production aka prototypes cars are made for testing purposes

eg environment, endurance, crash test, emissions etc all to ensure vehicles comply with Jpn regulations.

Most cars would be scrapped, although it's probable that one RS went to Ralliart to provide homologation documents needed by the FIA


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According to EPC Database the preproduction Models have a later build date as the others.

For example CP9A-0200011 should be the last red SNGF2 ever build with a build date of 2000.07.3.

So this makes me think they are not pre production models really?
How can they, if they were build at the very end.


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Good Evening in some lists display this result
cp9a-0200001 8/2000
cp9a-0200002 3/2000
cp9a-0200003 8/2000
cp9a-0200004 8/2000
cp9a-0200005 12/1999
cp9a-0200006 12/1999
cp9a-0200007 1/2000
cp9a-0200008 3/2000
cp9a-0200009 2/2000
cp9a-0200010 3/2000
cp9a-0200011 7/2000
cp9a-0200012 12/1999
cp9a-0200013 12/1999
this is impossible to happen.

*finally our favorite "TME vin list" will get the site owner, I am making a new site that I will transfer the "TME vin list" from gtr-registry
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