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The Rarest Tommi Makinen Edition all prodact Vin numbers

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Japan and Uk market

Europe and Australia market

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"pre production models"

does that mean they are on the read and went for sale?

is there sth special about these besides being the first 13 units?

Pre production aka prototypes cars are made for testing purposes

eg environment, endurance, crash test, emissions etc all to ensure vehicles comply with Jpn regulations.

Most cars would be scrapped, although it's probable that one RS went to Ralliart to provide homologation documents needed by the FIA

I see, thx.

So it wont be very usual to see one of these on the road, right
Never !
What about the TME Monti Carlo versions which were made to celebrate Tommi's win in 2001
Winning carUK registration X6 MMR

U.K. tuned Tme Rs :thumbup:
No factory built !

Go back to instagram :smthumbdo
What is wrong with you ?

They are made from tme rs by ralliart U.K.
Proof please
1 - 6 of 137 Posts