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The Rarest Tommi Makinen Edition all prodact Vin numbers

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Japan and Uk market

Europe and Australia market

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Agree with M3 Rob. All 3 of mine are on the list as well - But I didn't really need this list to verify that - There are multiple websites you can plug your vin into and get similar info. Its a nice to have however, since its all in one place. Great work putting it all together.

Is it possible that some VIN's in the sequence didnt get built ? The only way we'd know this is if we get the build info from the Motherland, which I doubt exists anymore, possibly long gone as Mitsubishi couldn't care less. I guess they were too busy winning championships at the time instead of counting and documenting VIN numbers for future Evo owners. Nissan now could care even less.
And honestly, I could care less.

At the end of the day, CP9A-020 and JMYSNCP is all that really matters.
1 - 2 of 137 Posts