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After reading several articles about how good the movit conversion is I ordered mine. 4 weeks later and it arrived!! It looks great – booked in to Steve Hill Motor Sport for the fitting. This included new Hubs, Disks, Pads and the steel braided hoses. At the same time I also had the wheels rotated.

One week later and 800 careful miles time to increase the braking. I spent the next 4 days increasing the braking on day one the normal driving day 2 then increasing again on day 3 etc. until covering 1100 miles total bedding in.

During the 800 mile time I had an annoying wheel balance problem at 75mph and slight judder under braking which would not go away. Finally resolved the balance problem finding a 5 inch nail in the tyre. After curing this, the judder was more apparent.

Booking the car into Steve Hill again for inspection and checking the runout. Initial inspection was fine everything and I mean everything is ok. Checking the runout found 0.05mm and 0.06mm which as far as I am aware is within tolerance.

Steve Hill suggested changing the lower bushes as these seemed to be rather sloppy. After fitting new bushes and a quick blast around the roads the judder is still there.

A quick call to my very friendly Mitsubishi dealer to check the runout figures also found out that Mitsubishi when fitting new disks machine them to be true on the car.

From this I can only assume the brembo callipers cannot stand any runout at all! Maybe the movit callipers can but I have currently spent £2400 on trying to fix a manufactures problem.

My last resort is to speak to movit for suggestions when they get back on the 9th.

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your run-out seems to be too much. I only had 0.01mm with the new Movit discs. The wheel bearing play when new was 0.05mm on my car, both sides the same.

I'm not surprised about this outcome. I didn't have satisfying results with the discs only. I'm a bit surprised you've got the disc only kit as this isn't sold in continental Europe due to my problems with it. Maybe Guido thought your Brits don't drive that hard as we do;) Now seriously I'm sure Movit will help you out. Just wait after the Essen Motorshow.

As written before only changing discs doesn't cure the problem completely. The whole system must have a design fault. This has already been discussed to length. With other discs you have to use machined-down pads which then will decrease braking performance hence harsher pads hence less discs life etc etc.

For guys who want to use the full potential of their EVO go either for AP or Movit.



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I am very surprised at the price you state. Does that include all your disc and pas trials?

Again, as said before, you do not HAVE TO change the whole braking system, you could do with fitting CTF discs with separate aluminium bell and better pads. This is the setup MAXI and I as well as another ex-rallye driver use on our Evos, with Pagid RS14 pads (the black ones). They have not warped after heavy use, down hill special stages etc. Furthermore, when the disc needs changing, you can re-use the bowl, only changing the disc for sthg like GBP 100. The system runs too hot, that's true scoobymike, but it doesnt warp and will stop you evry time. At only a fraction of the price.

I am also surprised that not more people use it. Dont you guys believe us because we are from France??

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The total runout on the disk inc the hub is 0.06 and 0.05 so allowing 0.05 for the hub the disks can be only 0.01

I just don't fancy spending another £1500 or so buying another set of movit disks, pads and callipers plus fitting and new hubs again when I have been reasured by Jas traction that the disk only kit works! (it obviously does not!)

The kit has the Pagid Blue pads

I still beleive the Brembo cannot hanandle any runout - I have also checked with Porche and the runout on a 993 is 0.05 on the hub and 0.04 on the disk 0.09 in total, however on a boxter it is 0.04 hub and 0.02 disk

But with Mitsubishi's runout figure of 0.05 on the hub I think we are screwed to start with!!


The price is for all the trials I have been through


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I can understand your frustration as I experienced exactly the same. Although being a Movit supporter I'm more than surprised that Jaz claim that the discs work. As I was the tester for these discs all I can say the result wasn't satisfying and therefore Movit stopped doing disc only kits as this could seriously damage their reputation when the disc don't keep what they promise.
My suggestion is that I speak to Movit myself as soon as their back and try to sort it out for you. The support from Movit was always brilliant so I'll hope they'll do it again. I take this matter personal as I'm fond of them but this situation isn't acceptable for you so let's solve it.

Give me some days to sort it out

I keep you uptodate


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