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Thanks to all of you who submitted images for consideration in the MLR's 2017 Calendar which is sent out free with the Christmas issue of the MLR magazine "evolution"

As always it's impossible to include everyones photos, and to be honest we had a lot which couldn't be used too, as they were either too small to print, out of focus, and some which (unbelievably) didn't include any EVOs!! :crackup: :confused:

However, it's finished and with the printer and we've strived to have a main feature page which includes each model of Lancer Evo and some supplemental images of other Evo models for each month, whilst also trying to make sure we had a balance of road, track, sprint and show cars . . . hopefully the majority of you will feel we've succeeded :)

You'll have to wait to see who made it to each month, but here's a taster of the front and back covers - two of this year's most extreme EVOs!

Thanks as always to Meakin for putting it together, and MLR Trader "Ohlins Suspension" for being the 2017 Calendar sponsor :smthumbup

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