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Trying to organise a point to point circuit ,cheddar gorge challenge including Burrington combe ,just like cheddar gorge but down hill to finish in weston super mare.
Route to be published .date to be advised ,but not too much publication on the board.
Any one been to Cheddar gorge will know that its a windey climb ,all A/B road no cameras,across the mendip hills.
If you are interested let me know .
mail me [email protected] or just leave your mail address here and will contact with full idea.

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Ok the plan is .

Start at the bottom end of cheddar gorge,time leaving is logged ,sprint across country ,if asked its an egg hunt.
finish stage Burrington coomb.the trip is up and windey and the across country is fast road ,talking 80 |PLS| .Down hill windey circuit to Burrington coombeTimed run logged on a data sheet.Second stage ,road trip to weston suoer mare ,timed stage. All risk on the second stage ,just to make things even .
The fastest time receives a cup ,the runners up gets a shield.
Being a road trip you have to be prepared ,crash helmets are required .road insurance should cover those that may fail the coarse.
The time/date is important and this is only for risk takers ,no namby pamby ponses ,no steet legallity involved .
Just don't hit anything.
You think you take road risks ,then put it to test .
I have a few friends willing to stop watch everything .
The date will be privately announced .depending on response.
I drive fast on the road and have done this trip a few times and **** my pants into a few corners .Better have some good tyres .

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One of the best runs in my car to date, up through Cheddar George.

I was very lucky in that I managed to go almost three miles up through the gorge before I came across another car going in my direction and then was able to pass easily.

Great bends with short straits in between and good visibility, from memory.

Don’t know how we could get away with such a run without attracting attention though.

Should be at the New Forest meet and will discuss there.



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Zippy .

Yeah catcha at new forest,Nice one.
Time of day would be crucial,early morning during the summer say 7 am .As the gorge gets busy after 9.30.
Autumn would see tourists disappear ,so a later start time.
I reckoned with 15 cars ,split into 2 minute departure times,would get it sorted .If plod inquired what was going on then ,its a car club meeting with an egg hunt through the countryside .
If we can get 9 Evos tramsing through the country at 1 pm on a sunday southwest meet at just above legal rd speeds :D,then the Gorge is a doddle.
I have run it at night and thats wicked .
The run down Burrington coombe is awsome as well,in fact I could put on a 4 stage road rally across the mendips:) Used to live over that way.

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please confirm which thread the new forest meet is on....

not been watching the threads properly..
sorry guys...

got to be a good blast..

got to see youe ICE some has got a rep already!!!;)


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My original intenetion was another New Forest Meet,but I didn't realise Paul had this planned and this sounds like g8 fun!

But I will do a New Forest after this meet sometime,just gotta check dates so try not 2 clash with other things!

So much shows/events/meets going on though! :)

Glad that Peeps who have seen and heard my ICE like it! It's not 100% finished and set up yet!

Car handles bit heavier at the back now though!

Car went a little sideways 2day at a bend where is didn't use 2! :)

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i'll have to take a look next time at your install....

so ...


whens this Chedder thing going on?

Lots of Love


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It won't be bank hoilday this time around as the gorge will be busy.Plus alot of street parties due to the jubilee celabrations.
It will happen though but need to get it planned out.
Definately going to make it a 3 or 4 stage coarse.:D

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No probs Stud Colie

I will b glad to show u my ICE install and amp; play some tunes!

Can't wait Paul for this meet 2 b sorted out! please avoid making it on 26th May,June 23rd as i have a meet and show 2 go2.

Any1 else going to the East coast drive on the 26th May and the JAPS show on the 23rd June?

If so u wanna convoy there?
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