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Hi All

Just to say thanks to all listed below for turning up and helping make this a top day. Great weather, great location, great company :)

I think I managed to speak to everyone except for the guy in the Black E5 only because I didnt see you with the car!

24 EVOs turned out in total (left Mikey to count the Scoobs on his own! sorry mate!)

1)Big Evo
12)Thorak (in Lees car)
22)Black EVO5 (sorry, dont know your name)
23)Tony (UpAuto)
24)Dan (Black E6 - spotted in the field, not a member but now has a membership form!!;) )

If the guys who couldnt make it had turned up this would have been one of the biggest EVO gathering so far, theres always next time :)

Evoboy, what happened - did it rain in Brum land?? :)

Thanks to Gridlock Mikey for organising this, good one mate :D

Teri (MLR Midlands-Meets)

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Can only agree that it was a superb day out (back on the quick responses again :))
It was good to meet up with everyone and it was a good fun drive down with the scooby lot.

It was an even better drive home across the Peak District but had one serious moment that required large amounts of opposite lock to stop myself putting the car into a big cliff. Luckily the car held its line and everything stayed in one piece.


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tip for ryan,
over the last 15 years i have owned a mobile phone,i have generally found that they accept calls more readily if turned on !
i walked out of the pub,clutching a bottle of well known soft drink ,after getting your text,only to be told you had just driven off in a blue 6 ?

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Top day out,great peeps,great weather! few nice cars!nice location.

It was nice to meet a lot of peeps,every1 was very nice and friendly and hope 2 see u guys/gals some time soon again.

Big thanxs to Gridlock Mikey for sorting the meet out and amp; any1 else who helped organise it.

Thanxs to Teri for sorting out the post for us Evo lot to come to this meet.

Enjoyed the nice convoy from the Leicester Forest East services to the Unicorn,thanxs to Umreet and Lee for sorting that out.

Any1 up for a Jap meet! down by the New Forest,I will post a date soon!

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Yeah, was a great day. My first meet up and I managed to speak to a couple of you guys.


Paul (Black Evo 5)

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Nice to be able to put faces to the names on here now :)

Noticed the skylines that turned up were getting inordinate amounts of attention... could it be that most of us (and the scooby lot) would like one? I know the reason I have an E6 is that I couldn't quite fund an R34... :D

Top day out, and the weather was great, considering the tendency for it to rain whenever an outdoor event is organised. I'll no doubt catch you guys at the next one.


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I am so pi##ed off that I couldn't make it yesterday , that I could swear 4 a week in 10 different languages and still b angry :(

Lets just say Houston , I had a problem and not go any further !!!!

Glad every1 had a fine time tho :)

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JC :(

Didn't even know you were there :( my phone was on all day though...

we only went out for lunch didn't leave till a bit later, oh well, next time!


Git, couldn't you find the key to the bat cave?


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Yeah, excellent day.
Good to see those I knew again, and to meet some new faces.
Enjoyed the drive back down the A1 - he, he, he :D
Ryan, Tell me more about the falmes :)

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another top meet, great day, beat bolney because of the great weather (just a shame it was up north really) :)

following mentions:

Baljeet/umreet for not killing me on the M1 when the **** in the BM pulled out on us when we where having such fun :), and just generally being top geezers
Leo/Leon nice to meet u guys and look forward to seeing u at the next one
Ryan for the highly amusing flames on the way, and then taking us on a shite route back and nearly killing me and wai going after the scoobs/clio
Darwin for being a top bloke, and keeping up with ****** above on the way home (i gave up), even though u cant tell the time :)
Tony for a nice cruise back, cool car mate....
Neil for phoning me twice and me only realising who u were when we turned up, i got your number now i wont forget next time :)
Teri for organising it all (wheres the pics??)
Andy dunno why just havent mentioned u yet, oh yes for bringing su, who is more interesting than u any day of the week :) (only kidding always good to c u mate)

biggest shout of all to Wai for keeping me company there and back and sorting out my boost controller, top man (and for dropping flapjack crumbs in my car *******:))

if i have forgotton anyone, sorry, busy day, lots of evo............see u all soon


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What can i say another meet excellent as ever thanks everyone for making a show and causing considerable jelousy on the part of the scooby brigade ;).
Darwin, next time do a route back without so many ******* speed cameras :D.
Lee, top marks for not getting lost and bringing Wai out
Ryan, nice haircut mate ;)
Tony, nice seeing you again
Leo, a good laugh as always, think i'll be making a trip to bournemouth soon :)
Neil,think im the only person who didnt mention u look like colin mcrae :D
Teri, good to speak to you at last
RichW,nice meeting you
and big shout to anyone i forgot.


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Dawin, yeah nice flame, 3 ft ! shame about the fuel cut, you could see it blech smoke when you got it

lee/wai, did you see the clio pull out in front of me and then almost crash in a big way on the hump back bridge, I was already breaking for the wreckage, bloody close!

umreet, how many lb/ft does your Rs have again??

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Hi Guys

Nearly missed this one. Well I guess I better thank everyone as well. here, here, slaps on back for everyone.

Ryan U should know not to mess with Max power Clio boys trying to keep up with Scoobys.
And Ryan U are a NUTTER driver as well. But I did notice U being overtaken by a White VOVLO estate border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| middle >.

Lee those crumbs were your share. And thanks for the lift. interesting! U only nearly killed me TWICE :D.
By the way Blade 2 is a cool film but don't bring the Sprongs.

A last big shout out to anyone I met or talked too.


Next time I will whoop all of U. Well if the car is working :(

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Will be playing with the digi cams tonight - so depending on how I get to grips with the damn things there may or may not be some pics up tomorrow :)


Keep signed in tonight, may need a little help! :)

Teri (IT whizz!)

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Sorry Teri,
I've been busy this morning border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle >


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Apologies to all for me missing out on this one - I must be getting a name for not turning up :( I have had some fairly severe problems that keep preventing me form turning up despite my best intentions! I believe that these are now in the past and hope to be able to contirbute again :)

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Hi You lot Dia Bach is on line again..
Well what a nice bunch you all are and sorry that I thought you were a bloke Big Evo..(Yes I have seen the arse post :) )
Was there a competition for the larges exhaust pipe ..My standard one looks like a pea shooter now.Must get a hyper big o noise 10 foot flames ear drum destroying exhause for mine Any idea where they sell them??

I have started looking at some tuning for mine now so that I can keep ahead of Daren!!!

Mouse 1 couldnt come to the meeting as he owns a pub and was up to is eye,s in Sunday dinners however my friends who came along had a great time and now all want to by EVO 6,s including mine!!

Looking forward to the meeting at Rutland and seeing you all again.

By for now,
Dia Bach
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