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the big fight khan vs kindelan

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man its gonna be good the wee man lost from the champ in olympics its live at 9pm saturday i think itv

anyone watching it, hmm kindelan is a good fighter i hope khan comes up with the goods he already got beaten from the maestro
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gotta say, I think Khan, whilst brilliant for his age is still too young and niave for Kindelan. Hope I'm wrong cos it's good for the north west to get yet another world class boxer, especially when you think how young he is. But my head still says he's not ready yet.
moses said:
God willing will do bros i will pm u in the morn my wife is bugging me to take her to her aunties in edinburgh i may need to watch it their but will pm u before u go :D ameen

and wombat your right bud, he is still young and im afraid he needs to keep his head down i dont want to see him turn cocky and **** it all up for himself, he should follow ricky hattons example as a friend and someone to learn from and keep his head humble
Mate, you are so right. Hatton needs to be his mentor, he is so humble, yet so confident. It is a perfect mix of what you need to suceed. Hope the little man has the career his talent deserves :D
moses said:
yeah bros only if naseem was like hatton, hattons the best we ever had for a long time i always adored him and also calzaghe too but hatton always has his feet on the ground, anyone following his example would def not go wrong :)
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1 - 3 of 20 Posts
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