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thinking of getting an evo 6 very soon, can anyone recommend someone to work on the evo? warranty is not an issue, i just cant be bothered with tuners/garages who dont have a clue/overcharge or are downright incompetent.
if ralliart or rc are the only recommendations, then fair enough, i will travel for good service. but it would make life easier if there was someone in the south east of england up to the job.

without any libelous/slanderous statements, any places to avoid? i dont want to get my fingers burnt, and i would appreciate folks avoiding any risk to this site please.

many thanks for any help/advice offered.

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hi there,

i am in the same predicament as you - need to find a good tuner to work closely with and needs to be near by. But ideally they shoudl know about handling as well 'cos thats the main thing for me.

Current optiosn appear to be:

Power Engineering (PE) in Uxbridge, W. London
MAD in maidenhead, Berks
Dragon in Colchester

it appears that these 3 have got the experience, PE with blades car, Dragon with Thorak, MAD with their own car - and probably many more evos as well between them.

any advances ?
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