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Hi there,

I'm looking to do the first mod on my E6 and I have chosen to go for the air filter first. (2nd exhaust).

I am getting conflicting reports from people as to whether to actually bother with the filter.

I need to know,

1. do I go for one
2. which one (money no object), no bothered if it is a 'noisy' one with that great induction sound
3. any pro's, cons's I need to know about.



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Mixed bag really - the stock filter is pretty good, and there are many reports from owners and tuners that the Blitz and HKS filters can cause dirt build up. Does it add more power? Subjective on the EVO. The exhaust change does.

Personally I changed mine as they sound so good! Have used the HKS and Blitz, and much of a muchness.

Have used Blitz on several cars with good results.

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As Blade says the HKS and Blitz are often accused of dirt build up and sometimes even that they don't actually filter all that well and that the HKS especially needs the foam filter cleaning quite often... However, the upside is that they do make a great noise...

In my old scoob days a lot of people used to go for a K and amp;N 57i induction kit... now i know this smacks of 'Max Power' boy but actually the K and amp;N is supposed (and i mean supposed) to filter better than the jap models as does the PiperX.

sadly though the K and amp;N is not out for the Evo6 yet... but i am informed it will be ready in about a month and a half and if prices for the scoob are anything to go by should be half the price of the HKS or Blitz.

I'm gonna wait and see what its like for the sake of 1 1/2 months... the choice i guess is yours.. just adding another ingredient to the pot...

Probably also opened a can of worms on K and amp;N induction kits... doh !


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Nothing wrong with K and amp;N. Not sure I like those stainless mesh type Jap filters that much though. Flow-wise I think they're all pretty much the same. A nice big cold air box is the key. Either home made, Spec R, Arc etc. Hot intake air saps a lot of power.

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Mark as Jevo said the K and amp;N and the PiperX filter better than the HKS and Blitz filters. For this reason I bought the Piperx, the sound that comes from this is brilliant and the cost is cheaper than the others, £130 -140 plus you get a bit more Bhp.

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I have the hks racing suction kit and I have no problems at all,It has a nice sound, a nice look and slightly better performance, I think that the filtration is very good the only bad thing is that you have to clean it when it gets dirt if you don't want to replace the foam at 20£ each time.

I think that the blitz is a really good filter too but it's not made to be used in off road conditions where there is to much dust.
For normal street use it should not make any problems.

I don't like the standard plastic piping so I would fit the hks racing suction kit, or the blitz filter but with the spec r alloy airbox from power engineering.

The same airbox will also fit the hks,pipercross or others air filters.

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Got a Blitz filter, Apexi downpipe and Fujitsubo exhaust - not that much in the way of BHP increases but lovely big torque increase.
Not sure if its all down to the improved 'breathing' but throttle response is stunning.

However I can't compare to other filters as its the only one I have had.

oh yea, like the others say - great noise too!

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Also they have introduced a lower price induction kit , known as the SUS Power Induction Kit , about £80. It's mesh over fabric , cone shape.

As said above the best way is a large airbox with battery re-located to shorten the intake pipe.

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i have gone for the HKS racing suction kit and HKS Hiper Muffler exhaust, and the results are great the induction kit sounds the nuts and improves the pull away, the the exhaust is just lovely....

drop Justin and mail on [email protected]

he is doing top prices on HKS stuff, i got my exhaust from him

cheers lee....

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Nothing wrong with the standard air box,its just in the wrong place.
use a HKS or Ralliart panel filter with battery relocation kit (or make your own) is the real answer

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I forgot to mention that I have the Spec-R relocation box and cold air intake pipe - both make a big difference IMHO.

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Keep the standard one


* it's cheap
* almost no dirt going into the inlet
* no noise from the inlet
* the performance gain is almost nothing you better can spend money on exhaust

ok guys now i get some comment please don't hit me with sledgehammer HELP



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I almost agree - except that I believe a couple of new filters are coming out that provide good filtration, and a bit more power. I shall be changing my Blitz in a few days, so will let you know...

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But I am totally against the standard parts, especially the exhaust and air filter.

With a good air filter kit you will get
-better look
-better sound
-better performance
-for those who like the vta blow off valve sound, you get it with the air filter without the idle problems
-you can clean the replacement filters,not the standard paper one.

I don't think that in normal road use the filtration is really a problem, so even a blitz filter will do it correctly.
In Japan there are some skylines with big turbo that just have some mesh fixed on the turbo inlet,It doesn't offer a good filtration off course, but that doesnt mean that the engine will brake, except if you use it on really dust conditions!

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The most important thing is to exchange the battery with the airbox. So you get a much shorter intake without bends which improves the flow to the turbo. This should improve throttle response and according to Ralliart it holds the boost better and for longer. There are loads of producers of such a kit like Ralliart, Spec-R, PE, Monster etc.
Concerning filtration of the cone filters like Blitz. I agree that on normal road use the filtration might be appropriate but drive on a track and have an off into the gravel! I don't wanna imagine how much dust you could suck in. There is another topic I think in General Discussion where you can check the filtration of the specific cone types. Check it out and make up your own mind.


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I agree - bad filtration can lead to power loss. The Blitz air filter is good and bad - good airflow and noise, bad for filtration. I have this filter on my EVO and XKR and the power gains are good (on the XKR particularly) but both suffer from power loss because of oil and grime building up inside the airflow meter. Clean it, and the power comes back. The loss on the XKR is as much as 30 bhp, and really noticable. The EVO dropped .1 bar boost at peak.

As Scoobymike says, relocation is more important. Volume of air is one thing, but the most important aspect of induction is that the air be COLD. So relocating to the front means more air, and cooler air (with the air box). Cold air intake (via a solid pipe or lagging) to reduce the air temp also helps. After all, that is what the intercooler is for. More COOLER air means more power. That's why moving the filter does more good than just replacing it with a cone.

I also agree with Maxi regarding standard parts - which is why the only standard parts left on mine are the body panels I think!
Induction noise should be viewed as a bonus, not a reason for buying an air filter! The job of the air filter, funnily enough, is to filter air. I would rather not introduce crap into my combustion chambers!
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