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Well, here it is courtesy of a very lengthy discussion with Ralliart UK today...


This version depends on where it comes from originally. All chassis numbers destined for the UK are the same spec which is as follows:-

2.2 Fast steering Rack
GSR gearing
Titanium turbo (larger than the TME turbo)
Air conditioning in place of climate control
No rear wash wipe (although he was sketchy on this)
No recaros, pretty plain interior
White dash illumination instead of GSR red
Electric windows and mirrors
Colour coded mirrors and handles
Lighter weight approx 1260kg instead of GSR 1360kg - mainly due to options rather than special body panels.

Now here's the interesting bit, RSX isn't a lot different. The RSXs were all based on RS2's and have EXACTLY the same spec as above with the exception of:-

Recaro front seats
Re-trimmed rear seats
Re-trimmed door panels

They have normal GSR gearing and the Shorter rack as per RS2's

He also told me that the RS2's are a weird bunch if you get import one's as they've even seen an Australian RS2 version over here that had AYC and ABS. They've also had LHD RS2's in with a GSR steering rack.

The Extreme's are also based on RS2's.

I'd be interested in hearing where you got your info BlackKnight/Andy_RSX - it seems there's a difference of opinion somewhere.

Also, only available in silver or white and you'll hardly ever see a silver one anywhere.

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The shorter gear ratio must e an option on the RS2's because there is an RS2 gearbox which has the shorter 3rd 4th and 5th but the long final ratio compared to the RS's shorter 3rd 4th and 5th and short final drive.

I can only assume that there are quite a lot of options that you can choose and so this is how everyone gets confused as to what the standard spec is.


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Don't forget there is also the RS model with small brakes, plain seats, No a/c, but 3 rotary vent controls instead of digital display.( normally used as base for Rally car)
The best way for us to sort out gearing we have in our own cars, is if an RS owner and a GSR owner went up a quiet bit of road, and made a note of the steady state speed at 5000rpm in first, then second etc, and posting the values on this site.then you could tell by comparing speeds, which of the 3 variants was fitted to your car( Rs, Rs2/X, or GSR). Steerinrg racks need either 2.1 or 2.7 turns of the wheel from lock to lock. again easy to check, and would make interesting comparison reading.
Have a fun weekend now everyone!

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As you say there are various combinations of ratio/final drive resulting in a total of 6 different Gearbox designations on the E6 and they are:
Gear Ratio A |EQU| Close Ratio Hi (GSR gearing)
Gear Ratio B |EQU| Close Ratio Lo

Gear Ratio |EQU| A
Final Drive |EQU| 4.529
Front LSD |EQU| Not Available

Gear Ratio |EQU| B
Final Drive |EQU| 4.529
Front LSD |EQU| Not Available

Gear Ratio |EQU| B
Final Drive |EQU| 4.875
Front LSD |EQU| Not Available

Same as 1) except Front LSD |EQU| Available

Same as 2) except Front LSD |EQU| Available

Same as 3) except Front LSD |EQU| Available

I can quite believe there are many types of RS2, the tech manual lists 8 type classifications of the RS (033 to 040) and 2 of the GSR (052 and 056 which are with and without sunroof).
The tech manual never mentions the RS2 at all because in reality I don't think there is such a thing, it is just a specced up RS and a marketing ploy. Unfortunately there are so many options available that there probably never was a true 'standard' RS or RS2 model produced.

The RSX and RS2 you mention sounds like a type 034 (power steering and air con) which weighs in at 1280kg.
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