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After a spell of upgrading my 6GSR from its standard form, I said to myself that I wouldn't spend any more money on it. But lately, I just feel the need for that little bit more (as you do). Say 25-30bhp more. That should make enough difference for me so I'm after some sensible advice as to what to do next to achieve that sort of gain. Current setup is:

HKS Super Flow induction kit
HKS Super Dragger exhaust
Ralliart Sports ECU
ARP Bolts
Boost upgrade (grommet removed) set to 1.4 (apparently but don't yet have a boost gauge so can't confirm)

With this setup, I would have thought that it should be running around 320bhp though anyone suggesting different from past experience would be interesting to hear. If this is the case, then I would say around 350bhp should be my target. Now I don't have a limitless budget to spend, and I don't particularly want to lose the sports ecu as that was a sizeable investment though I suppose it could be sold on if necessary. Budget wise, I would say I wouldn't want to spend more than around £1500 to achieve the target. Is this feasible and if so, what do I need to do? The car is used purely for fast road and occasional track days.


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What I would suggest next is a Boost controller. That way it can be tailored to maintain boost levels and also give you a boost gauge so you know what it's running at! You might even need a bigger fuel pump, depending on what power it's putting out. That you won't know easily unless you get it set up on rollers.

If you do several track days I would suggest you get a bigger or another oil cooler. My car was near standard when I did Dono last November with new Mobil 1 oil and when RC changed it last week (less than 4000 miles later) it was like gloop and had been cooked!
I never did more than 15-20 minutes at a time, so now I'm getting one fitted and having the head etc cleaned.

Good luck and I can't wait to get my rocket ship back.


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What you probably want to do now is find out how much boost you are running and optimize the boost curve so it kicks in hard and pulls hard to the limiter. A good boost controller would enable you to do both these things. That will cost around GBP 500. What you absolutely need to do is measure the exhaust gas with a wideband lambda sensor to see if your air fuel mixture is right. It may run lean with higher boost. Make sure this is not the case.
You could also get an EGT gauge so you know if you're not abusing it. When EGT is low, you may even enable a scramble feature on the boost controller that lets you run say 1.7 bars for a period of 20 or 30 seconds or whatever you specify. This is more of a gadget but could be fun for overtaking friends on a track or something like that.

I think you should first get the things that let you monitor the engine (boost gauge, EGT, oil temp), then the things you can change parameters with (BC,AFC, ITC), so you dont take chances with your 4G63; remember it's GBP 4,500! ;).
Remember you dont need a boost gauge if you get a boost controller later on.

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Hi Ian

My car is at 350 BHp |PLS| did Stage 1 at RC couple of trackdays and thought Stage 2 is needed.
The next plan is AP Brakes and then Stage 3.

Ian they are like computers but instead of making money out of them they cost.
But a hell of a lot of enjoyment.

You have a very happy customer with my guy I passed over keep up the good work

Happy Evo


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Thanks for all your input. I think first, I must get it on the rolling road and find out what its currently doing. If it were near 350, I would be quite surprised so we'll have to see. And yes Lee, I have got the decat (forgot to mention). I did wonder whether the racing suction kit would make much difference over the Super Flow kit installed. Anybody know?

Claudius suggesting the gauges seems common sense. When tuning to this level and beyond, one really needs to know whats going on. I'll probably end up doing that first, then get it on the rollers and see what's cooking.

Thanks Dale for those comments. Hope we can do more for Richard in the future.

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