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Well its finally happened.

My brake disks have warped.

The judder is starting to get worse.

I just called SGT in Taplow and they have it booked in for a disk scim.

He asked how many miles I have done (almost 15K) as I use the car everyday.

Apparantly Ralliart are saying after 9K its out of warranty ??

Anybody else heard of this ?

I will wait and see but I do feel like fighting this one....

Fit for purpose and all that....

Thoughts ? comments ? experiences ?

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I've heard from Ralliart that after 9k miles, they no longer cover brake discs under warranty. I don't know if this is the Ralliart stance or the CCC stance but it's definitely correct. I'm not sure as to the reasons behind this, guess its best to ask them directly.

FYI, I've done 36,000 miles on the original discs and still not warped them. but I guess I'm just one of the lucky ones :)


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Bad luck and I am sorry to hear your bad news. My understanding is that CCC control the terms and conditions of the warranty but I would suggest looking at your warranty documentation carefully and speaking to Ralliart directly.

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(I wrote a long reply to your post but somehow manged to delete it :( )

They key points were:

(I was also told about the 9K miles when I had the problems with my E6TME's brakes)

1) It is quite possible to warp your brakes again. In my case it has hapenned
twice (although I never used the car on a track day and my braking was very moderate).
Try to get some re assurance form SGT or Ralliart in case that your disks get warped again
in a short period (of normal driving ofcourse)

2) Ask the people from SGT to check the hubs (for run out) and wheel bearings first.

Best of luck,

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