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I presume you peeps are still living it up in Lincoln ;) I had to shoot off instead of joining you all for post track drinkies :( arrive back in Manchester for 9.00pm (bad traffic and enjoyable slow driving :) )

Anyway, many thanks to Darin for what was a fantastic day, the weather held out till late er in the day when we seemed to have a tropical downpour from nowhere...I couldn't make my mind up wether to change to wet slicks but in the end I was hoodwinked into remaining on full was fun for the next 40 mins :)

Some very well equipped motors, great track etiquette in general and new people met as well :)

Hope the guy in the motor near the end was OK after his incident...fortunate only that it was at low speed :(

Sorry I missed a few regulars..Blade etc.. saw you on track but not around the pits and time :)

Lookin forward to Big Evo getting that monster out on track....don't forget the marker posts....we'll get em next time ;)

Thanks again to all involved.


Chris (Mellow)

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Agree with Mellow, great day all in all.

Nice to meet a few more people, and Darin, good to catch up with you at last.

Steve, sorry I didnt get chance to come out with you (couldnt find you), maybe you will let me next time? :)

Big thanks to you guys who very kindly took me round in your cars, Black E6 (sorry didnt get your name -ooops) Kevin E6 and Mellow.

Mellow, your car is absolutley brilliant, out of the 3 I went in yours wins hands down. Sounds really really good and felt really smooth on track (even when sideways!), very, very impressed :) not so sure on getting the Big Evo on track, but who knows!! it is tempting.

Tip for anyone: if you want to know how to pass an Evo - get in a Scoob with Mellow ;)

Cant wait til October for the next one!, Haywain is a must again too.


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My first MLR track day and one of the best I have ever been too. Very well managed, some extremely well driven cars and some bloody fast ones. My first day at cadwell, and it is a tricky circuit, and alittle scary in places. Great to finally meet so many of you, particularly Daved6, T27, Splodge, Barny, Custard, Clive |PLS| Max (RC), and of course Shorty |PLS| Droid who I have met lots of times before.

Still having tremendous trouble with the car, and was having quite alot of trouble with myself too - not exactly sure what, but something made be feel quite poorly (probably the curry the night before). Nearly chucked in my helmet a couple of times! Plagued with lots of engine issues too, but drove round most of them. When the rain came, I called an end to the day - the 5 hour return journey awaited. Only managed 20 or 30 laps. Brought my new companion with me, Russ Clark, who is mechanic/instructor. My god can he drive. Highlight for me was the 4 or 5 laps he did in my car - he had never driven it before and was going nose to tail with Paul Bailey in his thundersaloon. Paul and Russ know each other and used to race together. The other amazing thing was that for much of the time Daved6 was behind us! Boy can HE drive! And his car can't exactly be called highly modified. And boy can Clive (RC) drive too.

Looks like I need loads more lessons. Sure I have some mechanical issues, but the real problem is driving skill! More practice me thinks...

Mellow - I seemed to spend all day missing you. We missed you for dinner at the hotel, missed you at breakfast, and somehow I never saw you all day! Are you still at oulton on tuesday? See you there.

I really, really need my GEMS!!!

Thanks to Clive |PLS| Max for the long chat and the info exchange. Hope to see you on your day at Oulton in April.

Thanks to Darin - excellent,excellent day. Sorry I wasn't in better shape to take advantage of it! Regards to the driver of the crashed silvia - looked bad mate, hope you had insurance etc.

Thanks to Barny for having a look at the car to help diagnose my problems.

oh, and finally, days like this are exactly what the MLR is all about. There was no bitching, no slagging off, just a bunch of enthusiasts and petrol heads talking about cars and driving around like loons.

Daved6/T27 - next time we have to share passenger seats. You are both welcome to have a go in mine, once the issues are sorted.

I also hope those of you that saw Droid's M3 or went in it would agree that it is a very good car indeed.

See you all at CC in May.

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Yes, many thanks Darin and everyone else who helped organise this. It was my third time at Cadwell and I think I
enjoyed this one the most ... apart from a brake scare early on (offside front brake smoking after the sighting
laps). Many thanks to T27 for his excellent advice on how to get rid of the problem :)

I was very impressed with the few Evos that were actually present on the track for most of the time. I only
passed one easily (chap in wheelchair with special controls having instruction from Graeme ... all I can say
to that is respect and obviously the sign of a true enthusiast) and kept up with another one easily (it
was the driver's first time at Cadwell).

Anyone know how much those Vectra Challenge cars cost? The driver definitely looked like he was having
fun :D

Nice to meet even more of you again and for the first time and I echo what Blade said about this being exactly
what trackdays are about ... courteous driving and gentlemanly behaviour on-track, off-track and on-forum :D


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droid : respect to anyone who brings a new M3 to a trackday !! .... pretty car !

The M3 does go really well - I was on your tail for a few laps (vectra-challenge, white,yellow,black) and can say that the M3 was a match for the vectra !! (still you have a bit more power !!) border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| middle >

As for the cost of a Vectra Challenge car - well, lets just say cheaper than a new M3, and probably a bit easier (no waiting list)to get hold of !!

Finally, to Teri; yep, sorry I missed you - your pal blagged your ride earlier in the day, and then the rain lost us about 1.5 hours, and I'd promised two other rides : maybe next time ?

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Agree with all thats been said,just wish I could get to the hotel on time ,ended up 30 miles from Newcastle border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle >.
Had a great day despite the shitty tyres I ran which squeeled at every moment,held on though.
Nearly trashed the car throught the chicane by the restaurant as hit a greasy bit after it rained,Droid was in the car with me,my heart hit my mouth,just managed to correct it,but little scary,only mistake of the day:)apart from the tyres.
I had serious brake pedal travel on the way home,very spongy need some more pads as have anthracite coloured wheels now.
Great day

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What can you say !! another great day, well done to Darin and all the people that help the day run so well. Good to meet some more people, Blade,Droid,Custard,to name just a few. Tony and amp; Ian, thanx for the enjoyable convoy on the way there. Did we get moving later on or what !! the miles seemed to just vanish :D
Look forward to C/C in May, cu all there.

Rgds Kevin

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My thanks go to Darin and amp; all the MLR crew for another excellent day :)

It was good to meet up and amp; put some new faces to names and meet the regulars of course !

I really enjoyed myself out on the circuit with the likes of T27 , Markja , Blade , Mellow and amp; Clive (RC) :D

Look forward to seeing you all at Castle Coombe in May.

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Blade - I have a video of Russ driving your beast for those HOT LAPS , from the camera mounted in my car which at times was only inches behind border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle > |PLS| should have similar footage of Clive/RC car :D

I don`t have anywhere to post them though ?

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Yep, this is probably the best one I have been to in my short trackday career, and my first time on the full circuit. Got so into it I nearly ran out of petrol. This track is superb and has something for everyone.

Good to meet a few new faces, will try to catch up with the rest at Combe if you're there.

Big thanks again to Darin for a superb day and amp; roll on October, in the meantime seriously considering raiding the piggy bank for AP's and amp; slicks.


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my only regret is not meeting shorty,
the m3 was very impressive,nothing like the old ones,
if daved6 does any more mods,you are all going to have a problem !
met some interesting people,gathered some interesting (allbeit conflicting!) information.
i have solved my rusty std wheels problem.......i want bbs like t27 !
but to top it all,i got to stroke blades legs and feet !
twice !

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You may have seen me and visa versa as was around blades car a bit and T27.
The good looking fella with with striking features scratching my nuts as I caught crabs last week end.:D
No! I had the Blue EVO 4 P77EVO must of heard me squeeling around the track:)
But will catch up some time I'm sure.
Darin ought to have name tags /stickers printed for our number plates easy to see who bowling around the place .

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Also had a good day, tyhanks to all, my first time out in the beast (modded silver Evo 4), which made the most amazing noise!, DaveD came bombing past me when I was on first out lap warming up slicks, very impressive, managed to catch him up when he was caught in slower traffic, but then he pulled off to cool down, so never had chance to match up!
Leo had a good time on his first track day, learnt alot from being with an instructor for a few laps, the rain certainly sorted the faint hearted into the cafe!
The only disapointment was being overly impressed with Blades 6, Jealousy IS expensive!
Ta Darrin

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Hey Splodge....I enjoyed our run round the track ;) I came up behind and took you by surprise methinks...then ensued a fantastic lap getting passed you only by a brave outbraking manoevere, you then proceeded to try to keep up but it was fun watching you sliding and pushing your motor hard, these P1's can be quite a beast eh ;)

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A miracle! The video tape plays fine on my wife's digital camcorder, so i am uploading to my website as we speak! Daved6 - have emailed you mate, so get yours uploaded too.

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Thanks to all!!

A great day! My first time at Cadwell, I like the circuit very much, thanks to Graeme for the guided tour, it always seems faster with him on board? Also my first time on slicks I liked the extra grip very much.

More work to do, (mine the silver TME with the plates taped up), T300 and T27 just left me for dead!!!

Now where did I put the cheque book?? (Dump valve, De-cat, ecu etc etc).

A cracking day thanks

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Woody, spend yer money on driver education. You won't find any gimmicks in T300 - Ralliart ECU and not much else. Why so quick? Amazing driving.

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I believe one of the Vectra's was Mr Hunt (EX TME no 2), if he made it to the day. cost around £8k..... Just a shame I had too much on at work to make it and see how it went.

Now there's a Honda Integra Touring car for sale at £17k in this weeks Motorsport news Hmmm.....


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Just Custard

I could just loose 5 stone instead of more mods , eh ? :)

Thanks for the drive in your car , felt both sharp and amp; quick would be good to see it on track at the Castle in May.


Thanks for the e-mail , I saw the footage of you played back at the circiut before Brian took it away for editing. He had the camera running all day and amp; filled two tapes so their should be some good bits :D.

I will get in touch with you when I know how much we have and you can advise me what you want and amp; how to do it as I`m no IT expert ;)

Thanks for the kind words about my driving , some people just call me a MAD B*ST*RD
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