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To all.

Just a quick thanks for coming to Windsor meet today,The turn out was excellent.
It was good to put faces to nick's/names.
My only critisism was that I wished i had picked a better/bigger venue for you all.
Not knowing how much support it would generate I initially based it on about 6-8 cars,as it didn't involve belting around a track.It was more like 16-18 cars. If it was like my lunch that came when every one else had finished ,I dare say that a bigger venue with my luck 6-8 would of come.Oh well I won,t beat myself up too much.Now I know what support these sort of meets get then next time its a BIGGUN.
I think the general location was good.
Suggestions of bigger venue much appreciated for the next one.
I hope all have made good use of The LTR Mugs,and steve don't let the missus get hold of this one .
Please comment whether good or bad .


Paul s
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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