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Thanx to those who came today. Good to see Mrs Evo with so many!

Rogerrally, can I have the air filter back 'cos HH6 wants it, and he has given me a workshop manual in return! :)

Mark Shead won prize for the shiniest car, despite my 7 hours of polishing yesterday! The prize being a Sunday lunch for only £6.95 per head!

Thanks to Paul and Lizzie for driving from Cardiff for an hour's lunch, I hope it was worth it. (nice Mak Monte Carlo btw).

I hope you all enjoyed it, I did!

Paul S, i hope you get some tonight (you know what I mean)!

Simon, def up for next Sat, will email you Monday.

Oh, and where were Debs and Danny?


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Agreed, top day out, nice seeing you guys again.

Good ole country lane thrash, top grub in the pub, great day out !!


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Thanx andy for organising the day really enjoyed it,however it was a poor attempt by u to win the cleanest car of the day your wheels were filthy :D :D

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Big thank you to Andy for an enjoyable afternoon. It was well worth a jaunt across the country for Sunday lunch and meeting some Mitso Heads.

Look forward to the next meet and seeing you all again.


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Hi all

I arrived a bit late so i missed you at steve hill but met up with a y reg tme on the way out who told me that you had all
left for the pub.:)
Soz could not make it to the pub maybe next time.
Followed directions from the forum which where spot on.:)
Hope to cya all on the next meet.

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Damn, damn, damn. I've never seen a 7 in the flesh! TME Monte Carlo was Plodwyn (Paul and Lizzie).
If only you'd made it on time (we had to leave, i was freezing). Where are you from?

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Yep ! nice to meet up with all again and enjoyed the country jaunt .good to see a couple of E4s at these events ,simon and marky marks, both silver.
Pretty good crack jumping the hump back bridges I did actually take off:D

Thanks to Andy and Heather putting up with me for a couple of hours after and supplying the coffee.
Being mauled by 2 golden retreivers were the best dogs Ive been mauled by for ages .:D
Andy ,did turn up late to maidenhead as got lost,but worth it she did wait for me .got home about 2 am .

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Hi Pondy and guys,

was very p****d off on Saturday night, ran over what i thought was a cardboard box in the road, tried to avoid but obviously there was something in it as it managed to rip off the splitter completely from the front bumper, wondered what the scraping noise was about 5 mins after it happened, also the bolt holding the actual bumper on has come loose and couldnt risk losing that, apart from which the car looked like a shed with no front splitter on! Would have been highly embarrased, so had to go to a guy in Wokingham today who has taken the bumper off and is respraying whole lot for me, so all in all a crap weekend!

Glad you all had a great day though, didnt even get a sunday roast at home either!!!:(

Better luck next time i hope!

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