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Does anyone know where there is a large flat smooth tarmac test area where you can take your car on in the North West? I used to use the British Aerospace carpark at Lostock near Bolton but they are currently storing stuff on it, it was really slippy when wet with no kerbs or lampposts. Another good area is Delamere forest carpark, it’s a huge flat area but it’s loose, so good mudflaps are a must.
I have done a trackday (Castle Combe) and really enjoyed it, but I like to find places where you can do a bit of experimentation without fear of hitting anything or anyone else. I suppose an airfield day may be the answer.
The main reason I need to do a bit of “testing” is to try and work out if my car is behaving as it should, the rear end feels extremely loose and is sliding all over the place. This is another story but I recently discovered that both front Bridgestone SO1’s were bald on the inside 25% after 8000 miles. I got some settings off this forum and took the car to have a laser alignment check in Bolton. All of the parameters were as near as dammit, but I got the fella to adjust everything to exactly what it said on the standard setting sheet. Anyway the only tyres they had in stock were BF Goodrich Profiler G’s, and as the cord was sticking through the carcass I reluctantly agreed to have them fitted. Been out today to see if they were alright and to my surprise they have really good wet grip, so much so that the rear ( with SO1’s @4mm ) feel really loose in comparison.
So I am wondering if the fella who set the car up knew what he was doing, or if the difference between 8mm and 4mm of tread in the wet is so great.
Just one last thing, I know it’s unlikely, but has anyone had any experience of the BFG Profiler G tyre?
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