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TEIN S-Tech Spring KIT EVO 4-6 7-9

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In stock ready for delivery !

Really toughens up the stance, lowers by 35mm front 25mm rear :D

£149 inc vat EVO 7-9
£139 inc vat EVO 4-6


0115 9377200
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What are the springs like for handling when fitted? I have heard from a lot of people that the standard springs are best as it affects the handling when changed from standard. Will it be good enough with just the springs or will i need to change to tein shocks 2? Many thanks

Can these springs fit the Evo 8 MR series?

Hi Guys,

The tein set up is quite firm but only by a small amount over the standard set up. The improvement in stance does look excellent tho.

Tin - Yes these will fir the MR :)
On Tein S-tech over original dampers..... No complaints what so ever :)

Big improvement on Handling with 18's fitted at the same time.


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Can you give me a full price for tein springs for an evo 6 including vat and delivery charge to the essex area. Thanks again
Back to the top still a few in stock !

Back to the top 4-5-6 in stock 7-8-9 will be here as of friday !

John :coolsm:
so there.s kits for 4-5-6 & 7-8-9 so how do they differ, cheers. D ;)
The s-tech kit lowers :

Evo 4 - 42mm front 30mm rear
EVO 5+6 - 30mm front 25mm rear

EVO 7-8-9 - 35mm front 25mm rear

Hope that answers your question drewby
Will be with you very soon peter :D
i want some for an evo 5,how much delivered mate please

£154.22 delivered to your door on next day delivery !

Mines all booked in for them next wednesday! :D
Few sets now in stock

Free Delivery to MLR members


0115 9377200
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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